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This is quality child-rearing

“It’s 8 A.M., Jon. Why is she eating a chocolate chip cookie?” “Because she wanted one?” “No, the real reason.” “She was screaming and I wanted her to stop.” “And it worked?” “It worked.” “This parenting thing is easy, isn’t it?”

Say hello to angels

There’s no crying in snowboarding

Sunday morning Jon and I headed up the mountain for what would be my fourth attempt at snowboarding. Just before the beginning of ski season we invested in a booklet of passes to Brighton Ski Resort and a bunch of gear on clearance at REI including two new boards, a set of bindings, and a [...]

Life through goggles

Rethinking our decision to move back to Zion

“Dude. Leta, did you fart?” “Fart?” “Yes, fart. Faaarrt.” “Farteen, fihteen, sisteen!” “Oh my god, you already have a Utah accent.”

Showing the camera my cold middle finger

Eau de wet dog

Spectacularly normal

Since the beginning of October Leta has been working with a physical and developmental therapist from a state-run early intervention program. They have been coming to the house usually once a week to help foster Leta’s motor skills and language development, although Leta probably thinks of them as those nice ladies who bring over all [...]



At the end of my life I hope to have lived to such a standard that I don’t have the regret that I didn’t watch enough television.