the smell of my desperation has become a stench

Nu Shoos

Last week we bought Leta a new pair of shoes:

When I look at that photo even I start to suffer from the delusion that it would be a good idea to bring another one of these cranky bundles into the world so that our entire lives can revolve around the sleep schedule of a nocturnal woodland creature with no sense of urgency. When I put it that way, don’t you want one, too?

Jon and I got into a fight over whether or not we were going to allow these into our home:

Jon has a size 13 pair of leather clogs which means we already have one too many pair of clogs in the house. Excuse me if I happen to think that we are too tall to try and hang with the gnome people. Didn’t matter, really, because we had to overcome our differences once Leta saw these and threw her body as a sacrifice on top of them:

Heather B. Armstrong

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