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And he sits next to a kid named Prenter

“She’s got a crush on a guy in her class. Get this, his name is Brackin.” “Brackin?” “Brackin.” “What do you mean, Brackin?” “I mean Brackin as in bric-a-brackin.” “That is not his name.” “It is! And you know what’s even better? HE IS NOT THE ONLY ONE IN THEIR CLASS WHO HAS THAT NAME.” [...]

Wonderland: Because Mother Nature made bottles for a reason

Wonderland: Because Mother Nature made bottles for a reason “Last month a woman nursing her child was asked to leave the plane after she refused to hide under a blanket. She claims [that] none of her breast was showing. As if it matters, that none of the passengers could actually see her. If they can’t [...]

Lovely Maggie

Wet puppy nose

While the family watches a crappy game show

“Oh my God, did you just–” “Dude, you wrote about this on your website. I don’t see why my doing this is a big deal.” “I was sure that you considered what I say about you on my website to be an exaggeration, GEORGE! You doing that again makes what I wrote seem like a [...]

Bo Bo, very excited about leftovers

And the holiday season begins

Late yesterday afternoon we drove two hours out to my mother’s cabin in the desert where we will be spending the Thanksgiving holiday with a large number of people who think it is perfectly normal to smell their own farts. My sister and her five kids will be here later today, including the twin five-year-old [...]

Video of a baby laughing hysterically

Video of a baby laughing hysterically His laugh is as meaty as that of a world-weary truck driver who’s been smoking cigars for 50 years. Great way to start the morning. (Thanks, MaryJoK)

Mr. Armstrong

User friendly grates across the sidewalks in Calgary