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Has not yet had his Prozac this morning


If I were you I’d go out right now and see the movie Once, no matter how far you have to drive or how many subway stops it takes to get there or who you have to pay to babysit. It could quite possibly turn your week around just like it did mine.

Stubborn Personality Disorder

One of the (very few) highlights of our trip was the time we got to spend with our friends Maggie and Bryan, and the morning Maggie and I went shopping for antiques. Several years ago this would have been my idea of hell, hours of walking around a dusty shop looking at things that used [...]

Book Autopsies

Book Autopsies “Brian Dettmer carves into books revealing the artwork inside, creating complex layered three-dimensional sculptures.” Unbelievable.

Exaggerated facial features

Hank Mason

Getting there

The day before we left on our trip to San Francisco we went shopping to buy Leta some new Fall/Winter clothing, knowing that she’d need a warmer wardrobe for the temperature difference. And when we packed her bags a few hours before leaving to catch the plane, I stripped each piece of clothing of its [...]

A very large collection of brand name pencils

A very large collection of brand name pencils “… a visual encounter with the incredibly diverse world of brand name pencils …” There’s something very charming about this collection, even if just for the wide variety of interesting typography engraved along the sides of the different pencils.

Precautionary measures