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Chuck showing his support of potty training

Soon our home will be filled with cheap, breakable furniture

Today a giant IKEA is opening in Utah at the southern tip of the valley, quite a few miles from our house but closer than California, so I’m not complaining. Oh, the prayers that are being answered with this IKEA. I’m pretty sure God is quite fed up, and now that we have our IKEA [...]

Photos of balloons popping

Photos of balloons popping As a naturally jumpy person, each one of these photos is making me flinch.

The longest neck in show business

Summer night

And my sister still refuses to wear sunscreen

Yesterday I visited the dermatologist yet again to have what I think is another basal cell carcinoma removed from my left shoulder (history of the first basal cell carcinoma can be found here, here, and here, and if that doesn’t interest you then perhaps this Google image search for puppies will). I won’t know for [...]

Yes, Lou survived the move

Chuck wearing Chucks

Crazy Ladybugs

Crazy Ladybugs Totally addicting game. Doesn’t give directions on how to play, but you’ll catch on quickly and be unable to stop playing.

Interpretive lounging

This one taken by Jon.