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Faces in Places

Faces in Places Photographic collection of faces found in everyday places. I’ve been noticing faces in everything since I took this photo.

Foggy afternoon in Butterfield Canyon

A midsummer night’s dream

Alternative methods

We’re eating breakfast when Leta accidentally drops a Cheerio on the floor. With her mouth full of food she hops out of her chair to go looking for it, and when she can’t find it she starts wailing incoherently, something about how it’s lost forever and she cannot go on living if forced to face [...]

JHill Design, notecards

JHill Design, notecards Love the style of these notecards whose designs are based on imaginary vacations to exotic locations.

The World’s Weirdest/Stupidest Conspiracy Theories

The World’s Weirdest/Stupidest Conspiracy Theories “Hitler and some associates escaped to the Arctic in a submarine, to live with super-advanced aliens who reside within the hollow earth.” I knew it!

Tug of war


Phil Borges Photography

Phil Borges Photography Photographic portrait projects devoted to the welfare of indigenous and tribal people.

Momentary lapse of reason

When Leta sits down to eat a meal she normally picks over one or two tiny bites of food and then asks for dessert by saying, “I would like something,” being very careful not to specify exactly what that something is. Not because she’s unsure, no. She does this because she’s hoping that we’ll try [...]