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Children’s wellies

These are little wellies given to Leta by her Pseudo Internet Godmother awhile ago, but because Leta is freakishly small for her age (15% for height, did Jon [6'3''] and I [5'11''] really give birth to a short human? really? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? WHO IS THIS CHILD’S REAL MOTHER?) they have started to fit [...]

Adorable explosion

This goes on for hours every day, and the whole time Chuck is all, SHE’S LICKING ME. HOW MUCH MORE OF THIS DO I HAVE TO ENDURE?


This is my brother’s fifth child, born yesterday morning. He’s the third boy, has two older sisters, and is doing nothing to hide that Hamilton chin of his, bless his heart. I went to see him last night, and I swear, when I first saw him, it totally felt like my milk was letting down. [...]

There’s just something about the accent

Charlie bit me! This video has been seen only a few million times, but I had to link to it just in case you haven’t seen it. This pretty much sums up why I want another kid, and why I want him to speak with a British accent. (thanks, Bret)

Mid-century dresser

I found this dresser at a local mid-century shop called the Green Ant for $220 bucks, a total steal. It’s in great shape, and we have it sitting against the west wall in Leta’s room. Before this we were using a very cheaply made, cardboard piece of crap that kept falling apart whenever we tried [...]

Vampire puppy

In the next week Coco is going to start losing her baby teeth, and this makes me very sad. Because they make her look so stupid, and do you know how much fun it is to have a stupid dog hanging around the house? All we have to do is go, hey Coco, smile! And [...]

Louis Mortimer

Internet, it’s been over a year and I haven’t killed my fish. Prior to this, the longest I was ever able to keep a fish alive was two hours. I’m sure it’s just dumb luck, but I’m going to go ahead and delude myself into thinking that it’s because I have learned from past experience. [...]