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Lemons into lemonade

So the first part of this post is a giant thank you to all my readers and those who voted for me in the 2008 Bloggies. On Monday I was at the awards ceremony in Austin, there to announce the winner in three different categories not knowing that I would walk away with four of [...]

Just now my father had to get up, walk away from his computer, and count to ten very slowly

“We should invite the new neighbors over for a drink.” “Sure, but how do you know they aren’t Mormon?” “I don’t know, I just got this feeling. They didn’t read Mormon.” “What does that mean? DIDN’T READ MORMON.” “Maybe it was the horns poking out of their foreheads.” “Did they have Wiccan talismans hanging from [...]

First puzzles

I found these at a local shop called Babinski’s Baby a few years ago when Leta was still so young that all she wanted to do was put the whole box into her mouth. (You can find a huge assortment of these online at Mudpuppy.) I just loved the illustrative design of the animals in [...]

Who’s a good boy?

I know. Terrible. Awful. This is beyond mean. All those meaty treats are sitting right there transmitting deafening signals to his nose: EAAAAT MEEEEE. And yet, behold his self control. I think I may make a motivational poster out of this photo, and across the top in giant blue letters it’s going to say SUCK [...]

That one winter

I’m probably going to regret having ever said this, but this may be the last picture I post of something frozen in our yard. I’m just getting a feeling, maybe it’s the buds forming on the trees or the daffodils that are starting to emerge from the ground, but I think Spring is very eager [...]