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How I start my day, this plus a bucket of coffee

Jon and I recently discovered the Bryant Park Project on NPR, and I am including his name here even though he is emphatic that I am the target audience for the program, not him, but he says that about all his guilty pleasures, including his fascination with “The Hills” which he will not let me [...]


Not that it needed to be reinforced any further, but having Bo around only emphasizes what an amazingly obedient dog Chuck is. Bo and Coco feed of each other’s anxious energy, and there are times when the barking and ROO!ing are so loud that the frames on the wall start to jitter. Here Jon is [...]

Scorpion sculpture

This was a gift from our friend Kelly who helped us decorate our office last May. It’s a handmade sculpture of a scorpion crafted out of Krest Bitter Lemon bottle caps. Did some research and found out that “Krest is a uniquely East African Coke product,” and that only makes this sculpture more awesome. Jon [...]

Has survived two snowstorms

I don’t know what it’s called, but I know how it makes me feel, and every time I look out the kitchen window and see it I have to physically restrain myself from running out, plucking it out of the ground and rubbing it all over my naked body. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned [...]