Not that it needed to be reinforced any further, but having Bo around only emphasizes what an amazingly obedient dog Chuck is. Bo and Coco feed of each other’s anxious energy, and there are times when the barking and ROO!ing are so loud that the frames on the wall start to jitter. Here Jon is making them wait for a small treat that he has placed on the deck in front of them, and I don’t think I have to point out the obvious differences in their personalities. Once Jon said OK, go ahead, you can have the treat, Chuck remained in this exact position looking up at Jon, like, I want to make sure that if I bend down and eat this treat that I am doing the right thing, so are you sure? And by that time Coco had swallowed hers whole and had stuck her entire snout into Bo’s ear to check and see if any more treats were hidden in there. Because she is so smart that way.