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Hot rod

I’m kind of disappointed because I thought we had signed up for the really bright yellow rental car. This is just somewhat.

A woman like that

Yesterday I flew to Palm Springs with my good friend Carol to spend some time in the sun with one of her good friends from Wisconsin, so here I am, a transplanted Southern girl hanging out with two transplanted Midwesterners, and the cacophony of accents sounds like a bunch of ducks being strangled to death [...]

Floor lamp

This is the KNAPPA KLÖVER floor lamp from Ikea, and I bought it while I was out shopping without Jon. I am sure that if he had been with me he would have tried to talk me out of this purchase, so I knew that I’d have to just show up at the house and [...]


I know that this is breaking every rule of the Daily Chuck, this photo of a dog that isn’t even mine. But I don’t think I’ve ever taken a photo of Bo that captures his spirit quite like these do. A wrinkled, mischievous old man, a seal with legs.