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Lovely Linda

Today is my mother’s birthday. To celebrate I thought I would publicly declare how much I love her despite our many differences and thank her for continuing to love me despite the things I do here, things like what I’m about to do. The following is a transcript of a voice mail she left me [...]

Aveda Elements Finishing Solution

So this is a miracle solution, something I just stumbled across one day when I stopped by an Aveda salon looking for something I could use to make Leta’s sometimes unwieldy hair more manageable. Except, I took a chance one day, put it all over my wet hair when I got out of the shower, [...]

Learning how to share

We bought Coco a bag of stuffed, squeaky squirrels thinking that they would occupy her need to constantly gnaw on something when that something has frequently been my house plants (DO NOT WORRY, ONLY THREE OF THEM ARE POISONOUS). And she’s showed a little bit of interest in them here and there, but nothing like [...]


I’m a little embarrassed to report that we did not plan very well for our trip to Joshua Tree two days ago, and because we were short on time we only got to go on a short hike, one that did not go by any Joshua Trees. So we had to settle for desert flowers [...]