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Hand-felted iPhone cozie

Jon and I have been huge fans hicksdesign for years, often turning to their work for design inspiration, and recently they (meaning Leigh Hicks) started selling a line of handmade cozies that very much appeals to the kid in me. You can read about how she dyes the wool and then makes the felt for [...]

You rang?

Yesterday the camera crew asked if we could have Chuck demonstrate his widely acclaimed balancing talent, so we looked around for something we haven’t yet tried and came up with Handset Number 2. Hey Chuck, could you bring me the wireless phone? Because the fact that it’s wireless isn’t convenient enough.

If Reese Witherspoon’s chin ever needed a stunt double I think I know where she could find one

The lovely Mary Fulginiti flew in from Los Angeles yesterday to interview me for the piece that will run on Nightline and Good Morning America next week. Jon was able to sneak in a few shots, and the camera crew did such an amazing job lighting the room that I want them to follow me [...]

Welcoming all the new local readers

Leta calls this making funny faces on the computer. I call this exactly why I deserve to be the next American Idol.