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This is my new friend, Joslin, who was brought to the party by my friend, Kelly, and she made us all envious with her flawless, wrinkle-less complexion. Also, she’s related to a certain someone who is on a reality television show right now, so let’s just say that I am now less than four-degrees away [...]

No, I wasn’t punched in the face, this is just what happens when I weep

The past three days have been a whirlwind of chaos, and this is honestly the first moment I’ve had since Monday to sit down and catch my breath. I had planned to sit down and write about this funny thing that happened at the grocery store the other night, but right now I’m just too [...]

Tranquil mint foot soak

This was part of a large body-care package that Jon and Leta gave to me for Mother’s Day. It’s a foot soak that will be perfect for the rough edges that form from wearing flip-flops and walking around barefoot in the summer. Best part was when Leta presented the gift to me and I asked [...]

The law of being an outright turd

Coco is such a four-year-old kid in the sense that she’s not interested in anything other than what Chuck is playing with. She fought for that tennis ball for over an hour, and when Chuck finally got bored and relinquished it she stood there like, wait a minute. This toy is not valuable if my [...]