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Leta’s baby quilt

I was straightening up a storage closet this weekend when I realized, holy crap, I own a lot of quilts. In fact, I own so many I guess you could say that I collect them, so this week I’m going to feature some of my favorites here in the style section. This was the one [...]

Govinda Jaya Jaya

I don’t know why but when I opened this picture in Photoshop I automatically started singing this song by Kula Shaker out loud. Remember those guys? The dude who is the son of the original Parent Trap’s Hayley Mills? Kids, for those of you who weren’t old enough to enjoy Britpop in the nineties, there [...]

Fire in the sky

One of the best parts about living in Utah is the sunset in summer (the ones in winter aren’t too shabby either). All that gross smog and crap in the air make for the most spectacular colors. Of course, my mother is going to read this and say, well then your global warming is a [...]

Redder than red

My mother ended up keeping Leta overnight on Friday so that Jon and I could celebrate his birthday to the fullest, if you know what I’m saying. Interestingly, I have received a dozen or so emails from male readers of this site that said something to the tune of yes, sex is good, but it [...]

On this day many, many, many years ago

Today my beloved husband turns 43 years old. This morning before either Leta or the dogs woke up he turned over in bed, rested his head on my chest and said, baby, I want to grow old with you. And I was all, um, that’s already happened. Tonight my mom is taking Leta for several [...]

Charley Harper, An Illustrated Life

This was my birthday present from Jon, the definitive monograph of Charley Harper’s work, edited by Todd Oldham. I’ve had this on my wish list ever since it was released, and was so surprised and thrilled when I opened it last week particularly by the fact that he remembered I wanted it so badly. I’m [...]

Eats things that would make a billy goat puke

So the consensus is that Jon is totally wrong! wrong! wrong! in his opinion of First Blood. And not only do many of you agree that for its time it was a fantastic action movie, but you also confessed that you, too, had a thing for Sly, and a reader named Michele wrote me (hi, [...]

“Playing stickers”

Leta: “Mom, will you play stickers with me?” Me: “How do you play stickers?” Leta: “You just do.” Me: “But I need to know how.” Leta: “Can you stop talking now?”

Why our next dog will be a sea monkey

About two weeks ago I took both dogs to the vet in preparation for their upcoming trip to the kennel. Chuck needed to get updates on a few vaccinations, and Coco just needed a general check-up, although I did hope that they would maybe listen to her heartbeat or take her temperature and ask, “Has [...]

“They drew first blood, not me.”

Me: “You know what movie we should watch together?” Jon: “Oh God. What?” Me: “Don’t OH GOD me.” Jon: “I just have a feeling that whatever you suggest is going to deserve an OH GOD.” Me: “First Blood.” Jon: “OH MY GOD. RAMBO? FUCKING RAMBO?” Me: “It’s not Rambo. It’s First Blood. DIFFERENT.” Jon: “First [...]