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Newsletter: Month Fifty-four

Dear Leta, A couple of days ago you turned fifty-four months old. I’m sure that if you were sitting here right now and I told you this you’d ask me why. And I’d say because when you add up all the months you’ve been alive it totals fifty-four. And then you’d go, why? And I’d [...]

Good morning to you, too

Clearly he needs some botox on that snout.

Already she had great taste

I was looking through old photographs yesterday and stumbled across this one taken on July 1, 2004 when Leta was just six months old. I never published it here because I was certain people would give me crap, and you might recall that it was around this time that I was a tiny bit sensitive [...]

The Most Awesome Shoes EVER

These shoes are the most fashionable and best for your feet. They truly are. It’s important to recognize this fact and realize also that clogs are the result of hundreds of years of shoe design. If only more people would realize that clogs are so great, the world would be a better place. HOW DO [...]