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Four years

Leta has recently stolen three of my delicious lip glosses, the pineapple, lime and mango-flavored ones, and this morning she begged me to let her wear the dress with the pockets so that she could take one to school and keep it with her all day. I think several of her friends are also into [...]

Vetiver Extreme

Ladies, this stuff is so amazing that if you sprayed it on a head of lettuce you’d want to have sex with it. Jon has worn this fragrance since we first got together in 2001, and when he gets out of the shower and puts it on he knows he’s not allowed to get dressed [...]

Cupie doll

Taken on November 6, 2004 when she was still small enough to bathe in the sink. I still don’t know how she made it out of her infancy with those cheeks still intact, I feasted on them daily.

Subtle warning

Dude, if you bite my neck again I’ll hide all your poop so you can’t eat it.