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Newsletter: Month Fifty-five

Dear Leta, Last week you turned fifty-five months old. Yes, yet again, I’m late writing this, and I know you’re tired of the excuses. You’re going, seriously? AGAIN? Yet another piece of evidence that I don’t love you. That I never loved you. And that’s a big bucket of evidence, isn’t it? Filled to overflowing [...]

Sea life clip art book

This is the clip art book that I use as a resource for many of my mastheads. It includes a CD-ROM with full-color, high resolution jpegs and tiff files, perfect for sticking on mastheads or notecards or any design project you can think of. There are other books in this collection, some dedicated to flowers [...]


When Chuck refuses to give up his bone Coco tries to annoy him into compliance, either by screaming and howling, or as seen here by digging in the bed/floor/general area where he is sitting. It never works, at least not on Chuck. Quite frequently it causes me to take the Lord’s name in vain.

Primate exhibit

Yesterday we took Leta to the zoo, and when we asked her what animals she wanted to see first she gleefully shouted, “THE MONKEYS!” But when we got to the exhibit she took a cursory, almost uninterested look around and then pronounced, “I would like French fries now.”