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Her porn star name would be Dirt Digger

I just this second caught Coco on video both crying and digging at the floor because Chuck won’t give up his bone (something I got a still photograph of yesterday), although the digging in the footage I caught is tiny in comparison to what she normally does. Like that one time we let her out [...]

American Music by Annie Leibovitz

Back in 2005 Jon and two of his friends took a road trip from Ohio down through Kentucky and into Tennessee. They stopped at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, and while there he picked up this excellent collection of photographs by Annie Leibovitz as a birthday gift for me. It’s an [...]

Hello! My name is…

Thank god we didn’t name him something like ALGONQUIN because I was quickly running out of treats.

Odd-toed ungulate

While I was busy getting photos of the Zebra exhibit, Jon was busy putting Leta in a time-out on a rock next to the elephants. Because she didn’t want to see the animals, she wanted a toy from the gift shop. And to let us know how serious she was about it she threw herself [...]