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Little whirl serving dish

Bronx-based ceramist Kim Westad sent me this hand-thrown and altered porcelain dish from her collection. While it was probably intended for use as a food serving dish, I found the shape of it to be a perfect place to store some of the jewelry on my messy dresser. This is actually one of three different [...]

Western territory

Whenever we go hiking and let the dogs off leash it is always our hope that they will run themselves silly. And Coco usually does, but Chuck inevitably spends the majority of his time marking every vertical object within reach. This can be maddening, I mean, MADDENING, because he delays the whole group. And seriously, [...]

October sunset

This was taken from the middle of our street, and you can see the tip of the Great Salt Lake there to the right. We’d be able to see the lake from inside our house if it weren’t for a bank of pine trees that line the perimeter of our yard, something we won’t ever [...]