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A phone call from my mother in three, two, one…

Sunday night we had dinner with my mother and step-father, my sister and all of her family. It was the first time we have all gathered in one place since the election, and so I showed up dressed head-to-toe in body armor, prepared for the worst. And when your family is Southern you want to [...]

The Chelsea Buckle Tote

UPDATE: Looks like they’ve brought the bag back due to demand. AWESOME. A couple of weeks ago this vegan friendly, no leather purse was featured as the daily sale item over at That sale price plus a coupon code that I stumbled across during my daily blog reading (check out Holly’s selection of daily [...]

Long day at the office

He wonders how much longer he can withstand the grind of daily photographs and is thinking about demanding an increase in cheese. It wouldn’t be so bad if when he got home at night he could relax with a stiff cocktail, but do you know how hard it is to pour a double without opposable [...]

I pal around with terrorists

My friend Cami stopped by the other night for the first time in several months. She’s been attending BYU since August, and her schedule prohibits consorting with shady characters like myself. Funny that it doesn’t prevent her from dressing like a jihad tool. SHE IS SO SNEAKY.