• Erin

    yay, yay, yay!

  • Kat

    Heather! Congratulations – that is just the best news! I am so happy for you all, and not going to lie, I can’t wait to hear about Leta’s adventures as a big sister!

  • Jessie

    A. It is cruel to balance things you have peed-on on Chuck. Save that for Coco

    B. Congratulations!!! I am currently reading your archives (Leta is a week old where I am) and I am so happy that I get to go through this preganacy with you. Yay for Team Armstrong!!

  • Sarah in KY

    I just started reading your blog a few months ago and now I am a self-proclaimed addict to it! You are so honest and sarcastic and you have proven to me that you can be a great mother and wife without losing your own identity. I hope someday to travel to Utah and drink some whiskey with you because I think you’re awesome. Congratulations on the exciting news and I wish you a safe and easy pregnancy. And congratulations also to Jon, Leta, Coco, and Chuck. I hope they are all excited!

  • Jenni

    Congratulations! Very happy for you!!

  • http://www.sauvage1983.livejournal.com sauvage1983

    I read the tweet and I just knew it! I came here right away to tell you congrats! One of my coworkers is pregnant and due two weeks after you are. I’m going to be hearing about a lot of sore bladders and drooly babies very soon :-)

  • mel

    Nice shootin’ Tex. Congratulations!

  • Vicky

    Fantastic – congratulations to you all :)

  • http://www.ericallisonemilypaigemax.blogspot.com Allison

    CONGRATS! That is awesome.

  • http://lewjee.blogspot.com Lujee

    awwww!! *tear*
    This is soooooo awe-wait for it-SOOOOOME!! =D

  • Ellen

    Oooooo little Ferdinand Armstrong, the Internet has been waiting for you!
    Blessings on you all, this is so exciting!

  • http://myprettylittleroughpatches.blogspot.com/ Val

    Congratulations, you guys! :)

  • rocketbride

    yay! good luck and good health!

  • Sara Brown

    YYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!! I’m so happy for you guys!

  • http://www.notappealing.com Erin N.


    Here’s to a happy and healthy pregnancy!

  • Brooke


  • http://theboldsoul.com The Bold Soul

    Let me join in with the others to say just how wonderful is this news! I wish you all the best in love and good health as your family grows.

    Is there a baby pool as to whether this child look/act more like a Hamilton vs. an Armstrong? Because I’m sure your families are placing bets already.

  • http://greatdayinmaine.blogspot.com leesavee


    Woohoo! Leta, Chuck and Coco will have a brother or sister!!!!!

  • Sam

    Congrats! What wonderful news. And Leta will make an awesome big sister.

  • Lee

    Congratulations! Good wishes for the entire Armstrong family.

  • Louisa

    Yay for you! Bestest wishes for you and your family.

  • Alicia

    Congrats on your wonderful news! I expect to see pics of your big ol’ belly on Dooce as spring starts to end.

  • stacy

    Congratulations Heather! Can you feel the love?

  • http://iheartmrp.blogspot.com jen

    Such great news! Congrats! I cannot wait to read what Leta says to this new baby.

    So excited for you!

  • Alex

    Basically…your awesome…and your pregnant! Congratulations! :)

  • Caroline in MA

    Congratulations!! So excited to hear your happy news!!!


  • Erica

    I just gasped and clapped my hands at the news, I’m so excited for you, Jon, and Leta! Congrats! I’d been wondering if this might be the reason you’d dyed your hair a few weeks ago. Fantastic, lovely news. Yay for more Armstrongs!

  • Andrea

    Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!!!!!

    Congrats Heather & family!!
    Wonderful news!!

    May you have HEALTHY, HAPPY pregnancy, where the only related drama to share is a some minor scatological humor!!

  • http://nevillen.blogspot.com Nicole


  • Jessica

    Congratulations!!! I’m so thrilled for you and Jon! I just found out on Monday that I’m due July 20th with my first! Eek!

  • http://www.survivethemayhem.com SAHM: Surviving Assorted Home Mayhem

    WOW! I can’t beleive you sat on that secret this long! Good for you and all the best.

  • http://www.SquareAppleStudio.com Erin

    Yay Heather! Congrats! I know you and Jon have been wanting this for a long time now. I hope everything goes better than terrificly! I’m due May 19th, so it will be fun to read along with you the next few months!

  • Katie Kat

    Holy shit… my internet goes down for a couple of days, and THIS happens? So glad this story (and your quest of many years) finally has a happy ending!!! CONGRATS!

  • http://plentyofexperiences.blogspot.com Mimi

    Finally!!!! This is very cool! Congratulations Heather and Jon!

  • Shannon

    A huge, heartfelt congratulations from an absolute stranger, haha. (Don’t you just love the internet?)

  • Anonymous

    Right on, sister! A mountain of congrats to you! I’ve been reading your blog for nearly three years now and when I was pregnant with my daughter Gabriella, I went through your archives and read all your pregnancy posts. I love your candor and I love that you pretty much say what other people are thinking and are afraid to say.

    I’m pregnant with my second child as well and am due on June 28. I waited with baited breath as I had my first ultrasound a week and a half ago. Other than lots of fun bloating and indigestion, I hadn’t had any other symptoms and my husband kept asking me if I was sure I was pregnant. I’ve been craving Doritos as well and ate an entire bag by myself for lunch last Friday. It was the most fabulous lunch I’ve had in weeks. Everything else is absolutely tasteless to me at the moment.

    Many good thoughts to you,

  • http://thejaxon4.blogspot.com CarrieJ

    Awww!! You lucky lucky girl!! Congratulations!!!

  • bernie

    Congratulations! Wonderful news.

  • http://wilddreemer.blogspot.com/ misguided mommy




    Wow. Worst comment ever. But dude I am just so excited.

  • http://www.twitter.com/agent0fchaos Rachael

    AH! :HAPPINESS HAPPINESS: and hey here is more HAPPINESS! thrown in your direction ~ thanks for letting your readers know!

  • Lee

    Congratulations…the best to all of you!!!!
    You gave me the smile of the week!!!

  • http://myfiasco.com Erica


  • http://kwanawrites.blogspot.com/ Kwana

    Congratulations!!! Wishing you much happiness and good health. Wonderful news for the whole family. What a lucky baby!

  • http://mrsmommyceo.typepad.com Jaclyn

    CONGRATULAIONS HEATHER! I’m a long time reader, but I hardly ever comment, but I couldn’t help myself this time!

  • http://www.joybristol.com Joy

    Congrats!! You rock!

    Wishing you an easy fun pregnancy!

    This news brought tears to my eyes!

  • http://ldylvbgr.blogspot.com/ Rachelle

    Congratulations to you and your family! Can’t wait to read all about your pregnancy. What a great time to be born, that is our 13th wedding anniversary weekend also!

  • GF

    Many BlesSINGS to you and yours :)

  • http://mandy-isms.blogspot.com/ SART

    Congrats! I’m due with #2 a few weeks later on July 11th. Totally freaked out about the prospect of having a 4 year old and newborn in the same house. Good luck and hope that your pregnancy is healthy and uneventful!

  • Layla

    Congrats! I wish the best for you and your family! How exciting!

  • http://shelahbooksit.blogspot.com Shelah

    Oh yay! When I read the title I was hoping it was that kind of craving! Your baby will arrive just about the time our fam packs up the wagons to move to SLC.