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    I’m elated for you. I can’t imagine how you and Jon feel. Congratulations, Heather!

  • http://confuseddildo.blogspot.com Katy


    This is wonderful news!

    I have to admit that I cannot wait to read about Leta’s reaction to the new babe!

  • http://www.kdunk.com kdunk

    Congrats to you and your fam. Great news!

  • Malita

    Congrats!!! Is this the first internet announcement or did I snooze off along the way. Oh I am sooo looking forward to Leta big sister not sure if I like this kid wait I love this kid wait….stories

  • jenalda

    Holy moly! Congratulations! I hope the rest of the pregnancy is blissfully breezy.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations congratulations congratulations!

  • http://zenmommasgarden.blogspot.com/ Zenmomma

    I’m so happy for you! Congratulations. Hope you’re feeling well. June is a good baby month. :o )

  • Anonymous

    Oh my heck! Congratuflippinlations.

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  • http://pineappleluv.blogspot.com Jamie Watson

    What wonderful news! A very sincere and heartfelt congratulations to you and Jon and Leta.

  • http://www.grayandbecca.com/blog Becca

    YAY!!!!!! I’m so excited for you. I totally freaked out when I saw the test.

  • Ali

    Good job, y’all!!

  • http://poopandboogies.com William

    Congratulations. How much pee got on chucks face as you tried to hit the pregancy test stick?

  • http://www.fakerepublic.com shane magee

    congratulations heather. we’re due in 6 weeks. terrifying! and exciting!!!

    first time for us and i have to confess your monthly letters to leta have given me some inspirational ideas for our nearly-child.

  • http://grommitblog.blogspot.com/ Robin

    I saw your most recent tweet and thought, “Could it be? Is Heather pregnant?” then came straight over here for confirmation. So happy for you!

  • http://www.pancakesandfrenchfries.blogspot.com Jules

    I was just wishing something would come along and cheer me up and lo and behold, here it is. Even when you’re down, babies always bring on the smiles. Congratulations. :)

  • http://unfinishedobject.blogspot.com Jenn

    Congratulations! Poor Leta, someone else is going to be breathing her air, looking at her and eventually touching her stuff.

  • Amy J


  • http://www.aliceqfoodie.com Alice Q. Foodie

    Woo hoo! Just saw it on Jon’s tweet. Wishing you all the best! I just hope Leta doesn’t feel the same way about the baby as she did about Coco! :-)

  • http://2plans.se/ Linda Stenström

    I had to read it twice before i got it! (first I didn’t really get the english word sonogram, I’m from Sweden, and then once more because I got really excited for you!! *laughs*)
    This is wonderful news, I wish and your family all the best. Many hugs, and now go get the doritos….!

  • Linda Crowe

    Congrats. This is wonderful news. I wish the very best for you and Jon.
    We had a Sheltie Sheepdog Collie, named Candy Cane Soo, that was so protective of the oldest grandchild that people were actually afraid to approach. Coco looks just like Candy, and the photos you post bring back a lot of good memories. Having Coco with a baby will be like having your own, personal Swat Team!

  • Zoe

    Congratulations Heather. That is wonderful news. Tell John congrats too

  • http://grudgegirl.blogspot.com grudge girl

    OK so you’re obviously not doing it wrong. I’m thrilled for you! I’m hoping for a boy, so you can experience the different way that they love you. Though of course, any healthy baby is wonderful. I’m just sayin’. A nice, healthy, low-maintenance, chunky, laid-back baby boy would be just the ticket.

  • Laurie

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! June 14th is a lucky day — my birthday as well as my daughter’s. Sending you Good Flag Day Vibes from Maryland.

  • Anonymous

    Heather, Jon, and Leta,

    Congratulations on your new nubbin! I’m thrilled for you!


  • Taco

    So you think a kid would finally provide you with something to write about then?



    Congratulations! Very happy for you all!
    (I wonder if the Chuck-Coco sequence is getting a human equivalent here …)

  • katie

    so exciting. please don’t ever stop writing. i can’t wait to hear all about it.

  • http://wheezerscheeze.blogspot.com/ Wheezer

    Woohoo! Congrats – boy is Leta in for a rude awakening!

  • http://faydean.typepad.com amy j.

    I KNEW it. You’ve been so quiet lately…moody (election, lol) and wearing very big sweaters.

    SOOOOOOO happy for ya. I can even forgive you liberal views. Here’s happy baby, safe pregnancy pixie dust sprinkled all over you and Jon and Leta.

    What a great Christmas gift.

    Oh, and you guys drank sparkling grape juice on election night! Total giveway, oops Jon.

  • Kerry Johnson


    I am a daily reader, first time commenter, but of course I had to comment today because I am due on the 1st of June and am SO freaking excited that I get to read about your day to day while I am there too. Again congratulations!

  • Anna

    Congratulations to you and Jon! This is wonderful news! My youngest sisters are five years younger than me and it’s really no difference at all – as we are constantly telling them, we make them cooler with our senority ;)

    I rarely comment but I love your blog – both your writing and photograpy are phenomonally good. Congratulations!

  • Meegan

    SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! (if ever there was a time for caps and superfluous punctuation, this is it.) Congrats.

  • Andrea

    OH MY GOD! Congratulations! I hope the rest of your pregnancy is smooth sailing. Good luck!

  • Lo123

    Being all the way down here at 300, you’ll probably never see this, but Yay for you! And, guess what? We’re due date buddies! I hope you don’t turn into the raging bitch that I’ve been the past few weeks. Congratulations!

  • M


  • http://www.jillshalvis.com/blog Jill S.

    YAY YOU! Congratulations, I’m sure you feel like Christmas came early. Best wishes!

  • jt

    Outstanding news. Congratulations to you and your whole family!

  • http://kerrianne.org Kerri Anne

    I might be a little biased toward June babes, seeing as how June 15th! is my birthday, but summer birthdays really are a particularly sunny shade of awesome. Congratulations!

  • Candis

    Is that why you went dark with your hair? I thought something fishy was up. I’m a salon baby (mom owns a salon here in Knoxville) and that’s the first question I ask when someone quits getting highlights and color all together. Is she pregnant? :) CONGRATS either way!

  • Ashley

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to read about the new transition. I am crossing my fingers that you have a relatively neurotic-free pregnancy!

  • MonoCerdo

    Warmest, warmest congratulations to you, DJ Blurb, Leta and the puppies. Can’t wait for pregnancy blogging of Fawnzelle (or Fawnzie) V 2.0!

  • Lisa

    Leta…enjoy those last few months of being the only child! lol I have 3 daughters and my oldest is 12. She thinks back to the time when she was the only child and didn’t have two little sisters to bother with…she calls those days.”the good times”!

    I hope you have a boy…that would mix up the family a bit.

  • Anna

    Congratulations to you and Jon! This is wonderful news! My youngest sisters are five years younger than me and it’s really no difference at all – as we are constantly telling them, we make them cooler with our senority ;)

    I rarely comment but I love your blog – both your writing and photograpy are phenomonally good. Congratulations!

  • Erica Hennings

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Heather I am so excited for you. Did I use enough of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.otakugirl.us Desiree

    Heather, my absolute congratulations go out to you! I’m SO EXCITED for you! I gasped an “OHMYGOD!” and my fiance looked at me funny and asked what was wrong. He didn’t get it. :)

  • Beth

    Wow! CONGRATULATIONS!! Keeping fingers crossed and thinking happy thoughts for you all. I’m very excited for you guys (I echo what others have said, it’s strange how connected you feel to someone over the internet, even through a one-way communication)! I’m due in May. Here’s to happy babies and happy families!! Oh, I’m with you on the Doritos thing, although Cheetos have been my singing personal siren song.

  • http://chicagovolunteering.blogspot.com/ Anne

    Congratulations and Best Wishes on a happy, healthy pregnancy.

    Now get that..thing…off of Chuck’s nose!

  • Pauline

    Woman, get to eatin’ those doritos!

  • Laura

    I *knew* it! Long time lurker, first time poster…just want to say congratulations! I can’t believe I’m so excited for someone I don’t know.

  • Julie

    That is so awesome! Congratulations. I hope you get all the Doritos you want in the next few months. Very excited for you!