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Cold November rain

We only have a subscription to the Sunday paper but they send us a daily paper as well, something that always goes straight into the recycler, at least when we remember that it’s sitting out there on the driveway. Today there are three unread papers in various positions out front, one on the lawn, one [...]

Wondering what he would write about Coco

From the best of Craigslist, a desperate “dog needs a good home” ad written by someone who should be hired to write the copy for erectile dysfunction commercials: Okay, so about three months ago my roommate takes in this stray dog. She’s horrible, and I’m a dog lover, so I don’t say that lightly. I [...]

Little Hoot

A few different readers have sent me copies of this darling children’s book about a young owl who finds it unfair that he is forced to stay up late when all of his friends get to go to bed early. Not only is it a great use of reverse psychology — when the owl’s parents [...]

Heard a what?

Had a how? Who’d a when? Where’d a what?


I was archiving some folders of photos to conserve hard drive space and found this one from September I hadn’t yet published, taken on a drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon. These trees are covered in snow now and will probably remain that way for the next seven months.

Modern hanging mobile

I bought this mobile almost two years ago from a catalog company that no longer carries it (although I did a quick search and found it here). We have it hanging in our office above the giant mess that is our fax/printer/photo copier to draw the eye up and away from that wreckage. I was [...]

Ruby Red

Chuck swears that positioning his ears sideways like that aids in his sense of balance. It’s just a side benefit that it also makes him look somewhat special.


Hair has been brushed, teeth have been scrubbed, hands have been washed, stories have been read. Only thing left is to ask if there is school after she sleeps and the consequent five minutes of protest when I answer in the affirmative.

Chuckles 2009

We’re really excited to announce that this year’s Chuck calendar is finally available, and that 100% of all proceeds will be donated to The Humane Society of Utah. We’re using a different vendor this year, one that produces higher quality calendars and offers previous and past month previews on each page. This year there is [...]

Veronica, by Roger Duvoisin

A reader named Catherine from Arizona sent me this original 1962 edition of Veronica, a story about a hippopotamus whose dreams of being famous send her to the big city where she causes traffic jams, blocks sidewalks, and devours a pushcart vendor’s vegetables in one big gulp. Eventually she is arrested and jailed. This, of [...]