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Blissfully unaware

This is my nephew, Adam, and he’s now about six weeks old. I got to hold and cuddle him yesterday, but here he is sleeping after a huge meal, unaware of the raging political discussion going on around him. Psssst! Adam! GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL.

Agreeing to disagree

Yesterday we had an Easter lunch with my mother and brother’s family, and while my mother and I were cleaning the kitchen I reached over and turned off the faucet she had running for no reason. “You always do this,” I said referring to how she always turns on the water and walks away. “You’re [...]

Honey bear salt and pepper shakers

A gift from my friend, Johanna, these are bound to take the level of cuteness in this house to unbearable proportions. She found them at an Anthropologie in New York, but the box they came in had a URL printed on the back, so I went there and found all sorts of goodies, and was [...]

Having a conversation only they can understand

My friend, Johanna, and her son Nico are visiting SLC for a few weeks and came over last night for dinner. Nico joined Leta in her new favorite space, the ledge of the giant window in our living room, and there they exchanged paragraphs of incomprehensible dialogue. Although I did catch a few “Cinderellas” and [...]

The Classic GEORGE! and Chuck Embrace

When my cousin, GEORGE!, lived with us for four months last summer something magical happened to Chuck and he became GEORGE!’s dog. He slept with GEORGE!, followed him from room to room, and was never in the room with us unless GEORGE! was there, too. The morning after GEORGE! left, Chuck showed up in our [...]

Exclamation point, long overdue edition

To set the tone for this installment I think it’s safe to assume that each one of these pieces of mail was written late at night a few minutes after the author had taken a shit in his adult diaper, and after he hit the SEND button he went merrily back to picking the lint [...]

Large citrus juicer

Our old aluminum juicer broke last fall, and because margarita season begins, oh, tonight we had to find a suitable replacement, and this one matches all the other orange utensils we have in the kitchen. Recipe for The Perfect Margarita: shake two ounces of Herradura Silver tequila, a splash of Cointreau, and the juice from [...]

Princess Charming

You want calm, submissive energy? BEHOLD CALM, SUBMISSIVE ENERGY.

Drip drip drop

At least it’s not snow, right? When I heard the rain hitting the bedroom window this morning I had two immediate thoughts: 1) PLEASE GOD DON’T LET IT WAKE UP THE PUPPY, and 2) it’s at least 33 degrees outside, one degree closer to flip-flops.

“Winters like this are not something that humans are built to endure.”

What’s eating you, Mother Nature? A Canadian columnist rips into Mother Nature for the very mean things she has done to us this winter: “We’ve tried to have patience. Some of us have also tried patience’s little helper, Xanax. But look what you’ve done to us. We’re a quivering mass of shattered nerves, deadened eyes [...]