This kid better get used to hand-me-downs

That sound you heard was one very delighted almost five-year-old:

The upside? I will never have to grapple with the decision of whether or not to circumcise another human being. Downside… the possibility of three women in one house menstruating simultaneously.

Jon is so outnumbered. And we both could not be more thrilled.

  • Memphislis

    Hooray for Princess Aurora! It flows so nicely with Fawnzelle.

  • dodim

    Congratulations!!! We have two girls… you will love it! Plus? You don’t have to worry about her getting beat up in middle school for being named Princess Aurora. Bonus!

  • Chantelle


    Girls are just lovely.

    And I should know, because… I am one. x

  • Giovanna Diaries

    Congrats! You girls are gonna have lots of fun. I’m the outnumbered one in this house. House full-o-boys….
    Do you have any names picked out?

  • Meg

    Congratulations! Glad Leta and all are thrilled. Good for you and the whole family. Hope you held onto some of Leta’s old stuff.

  • Leah

    Congrats! I grew up in a family of girls. It was the best. My dad was such a girl dad. My sister and I are so different, but she is my best friend and I love spending time with her after i got out of those teen years. Leta will be the boss – as was I. I still am the most honest and blunt with her. She knows when I hate something, when I love something and when I think she is an idiot. I do not know what life would be like with a brother, but I would never trade a sister for anything.

  • xtn

    I’ll always be amazed at how anyone can see anything in those things… You could have circled her spleen, and I’d go woot! girl parts!

    Congratulations to you and Leta, and my deepest sympathies to Jon…

  • Tammy

    You can never have too many girls, I don’t care what my mother says (and she says boys are easier to raise than girls – but what does SHE know???!!!) CONGRATS! Enjoy the ride – 20 or so years from now you’ll have the best friends in the world – trust me on this!

  • LobotoME

    Congratulations on another little girl!

    Best wishes ~~

    jenny :)

  • Janette

    YAY VAGINAS! Congratulations.

  • Cindy

    I am thrilled for you all that not only is she healthy, but Leta gets that sisterly love/hate relationship. You keep hearing this in comments, but as a mother of 3 girls under the age of 9, my husband and I wouldn’t change a thing (well, not true all the time…i don’t want to change their sex parts but i do want to dump them off at a Nebraska hospital every few days or so). Leta will be a huge help and probably tell you exactly what you’re doing wrong!

  • Cheryl

    Yay Baby Girl Blurbodoocery!!!

    Very, very exciting. Also, excellent that everything went well at this ultrasound. Way to post the update so quickly too :) Have a great weekend and enjoy the newfound imagination-ramifications of knowing just that much more about Stretch.

  • Mayka

    God Bless you and keep on keeping on.

  • Dara

    As a Mommy of 2 little girls.. just wanted to say Congrats. There is no better feeling.. you are going to LOVE having daughters.. Im glad Leta’s wish came true!!!!

  • Shelly in St. Louis

    Congratulations to the family. I also have 2 girls and they are alternately best friends or sworn enemies. Mine are only 51 weeks apart though and are now teenagers, so that’s a bit different. Also, my youngest is taller than the oldest so for us it’s actually hand me ups v. downs!

    Take care of yourself and the lil peanut to be!

  • Helen Tarnation

    My sister is 2 1/2 years older and we are all of the family that’s left now…and it’s great. My daughters are 21 and 19 now…hate each other but we did, too, at their age.

    Congrats on Leta’s new baby doll, Heather and Jon!!!

  • Anonymous

    Congrats! So that’s what an ultrasound looks like for a little girl…my second son is on his way. He too will have lots of hand-me-downs.

  • the weakonomist

    I’m in my 20s and still living off of hand-me-downs. It’s not a frugal thing, it’s a lifestyle thing!

  • Katie

    Wow! Congratulations to you all!

  • Julie

    CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU! Best of everything!

  • Krysta

    Congratulations! I have always had this weird fantasy of having four daughters… in my reality I am still wrapping my mind around the idea of having one child. Very exciting news!

  • Christian

    Oh my gosh, that is just so great! Congratulations to all of you, and I can’t wait to follow the naming saga.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations! Someone has to have all girls, just to balance out my life with all boys! 4 including the husband. ;-) If I can handle the testosterone poisoning, Jon can handle the estrogen fest.

  • L.

    Congratulations! Just found out we are expecting a girl in late May, so I’m right there with ya. (Except our first child is a boy, so this is all new to me.)

  • Megan

    Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Congrats!!! That is so exciting! Much less of a transition issue for Leta and so nice to use the handmedown clothes. Congrats Heather, Jon, Leta, and doggies!

  • Diaper Bags

    We also have two girls – ages 28 and 29. They are Dad’s best friends.

  • midwestmommy


  • Beth

    Congratulations! We also recently had our 20-week ultrasound, for our baby due June 11… and she’s also a girl :) Wishing you all the best, and enjoying having a online pregnancy companion, sort of. That’s a little weird, but I’m okay with it :)

  • Manda

    Congrats! Yay babies!

  • Katie

    Congratulations!!! I have one sister and she is my best friend in the entire world! I sometimes feel bad that my daughter will never have a sister….but not bad enough to have a third child.

  • Kim

    Leta can exhale now! Congratulations – two little girls. :)

  • Amanda of Shamelessly Sassy


  • Jan

    Huzzah. Not that a boy couldn’t be fun, but I think this configuration will work out well for you.

  • Heather

    Yes, fear is definitely the appropriate emotion for the PMS times 3 situation. But they definitely have meds for that.

  • KT

    Congrats! Just start building your wine cellar/liquor cabinet now in order to deal with those teenage years.


    Congratulations . . . I forget, is at least one of the dogs male?

    Jon, bro – good luck!

  • Nancy

    Congratulations! Aurora kind of grows on you. It’s very close to one of my favorite names–Rory. (And much better than most of the whack names celebrities have been saddling their children with lately!)

  • Teresa

    I am so thrilled for you all! Baby joy! It is so wonderful, especially after your worries and m/c.
    Best wishes!

  • Krissa

    Yay, Princess Aurora! SO much less awkward than “prince.”

    Congratulations, Dooce & Co!

  • Elizabeth_K

    AWESOME! Congrats to you both — well, all three of you — very exciting news!

  • that girl

    Wow. Congrats.

    And, I’m going to pray for you’re also going to have 2 teenage GIRLS in the house at once. Strategize no time to waste.

  • Dani

    Yay! Congratulations! Hand me downs are the best!

  • Anonymous

    YAAAAY!!! that is so awesome.

  • kryssie_cat

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! I was looking forward to sending you Peepee Teepees but maybe that will have to wait until your third child?

  • erika

    Is that the “hamburger” that everyone talks about? I finally see it (I think) for the first time in your ultrasound.


  • Heidi

    Congrats! I was actually a little worried about how bad Leta would flip her shit if it *wasn’t* a girl. I’m excited to see what you name the little bean.

  • Daria

    that kid is going to be so pissed in 20 years when she realizes her girly bits were on the internet.


  • MissHudson

    Congrats! Wonderful news.

  • Kate

    I think Princess Aurora has your chin! Congrats! She’s already a beauty.

  • lisa

    the fact that you marked those girl parts in hot pink makes me think that leta finally convinced you of the importance of PRINCESSES in one’s life. i’m sure she’ll convince that little pumpkin in your belly as well. CONGRATULATIONS!!!