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20 weeks

Turns out I’m feeling so much better! All it took was realizing just how beautiful it is to stand on the scale and discover that I’ve already gained seventeen pounds! I can’t wait to shop for panties that have more square footage than a pool cover!

Electronic labeling system

This Brother P-Touch label maker was a total lifesaver when we were organizing the office, although you might want to keep it hidden from curious five-year-olds who can burn through an entire spool of tape in under three minutes by printing things like POOP or BUTTTTT. We labeled folders, drawers, shelves, boxes, and eventually slapped [...]

Because his ears were cold

Also because he needed to be reminded that he doesn’t have any balls.

Warm blanket of snow

We’ve had several days of perpetual rain and snow, and finally this morning the clouds lifted. First time we’ve seen blue sky in what seems like weeks because of all the inversion. And it couldn’t be more beautiful.


Last week I channeled my nesting instincts into organizing Leta’s room, a task I very much looked forward to after spending two weeks knee-deep in files and old CDs we’d yanked out of the office closets. That would have been a much more enjoyable project had any of the crap we’d been storing inspired any [...]

Decorative coasters

This week I’m changing the Daily Style section up a little bit, want to try something new, and occasionally I’m going to post collections of good-looking things I’ve found while looking for design inspiration. Today I focus on coasters, a home decor staple that can add a certain graphic punch to a coffee table. Plus, [...]

Are you about to put something on my head?

Because I was having a peaceful morning up until you walked over here with that toaster in your hands.

Rack of lamb

Our friend Evany was in town for Sundance, so we drove up Friday night and had dinner at a Deer Valley restaurant called The Mariposa. It was by far one of the best meals we have ever eaten, and not just in Utah. Service was spectacular, atmosphere was very cozy, and then the desserts… I [...]


I spotted this silhouette on a recent walk with the dogs and was reminded of the bony fingers of all the evil step-mothers and witches in Disney princess movies, which I guess is a roundabout way of saying DISNEY RUINS EVERYTHING.

Listening to: Cut Copy

Jon and I have a membership at a nearby gym and have made a habit out of working out at least three times a week since we moved back to Utah from LA. Our gym is famous for its intensive classes, but I’ve always enjoyed the freedom of being able to hop onto an elliptical [...]