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Holing up

This is where Jon and I spend our evenings starting the moment after we put Leta down for the night. If either of us has work to finish we do it from bed, and I’ve programmed the DVR to record all our favorite shows on the TV in our bedroom. I just find the bed [...]

Late afternoon tussle

Jon calls this Coco’s “Kirsten Dunst Smile.”

This kid better get used to hand-me-downs

That sound you heard was one very delighted almost five-year-old: The upside? I will never have to grapple with the decision of whether or not to circumcise another human being. Downside… the possibility of three women in one house menstruating simultaneously. Jon is so outnumbered. And we both could not be more thrilled.

Warning: your dogs may go batty

Earlier this week a reader named Jen sent me a link to the following video about an odd animal friendship, and I’ll just go ahead and admit that when I watched it I just sat there and bawled into the sleeve of my shirt even though all of the animals lived. Which is pretty much [...]

KNAPPA pendant lamp

This is the hanging lamp we bought for the corner of Leta’s bedroom, something to hang over her tiny worktable to give her light. I know it’s a recognizable Ikea staple, and this lamp is everywhere, but I think that speaks to what a great modern design it is (very reminiscent of lights designed by [...]

Git ‘im, Coco!

Yes, Chuck, I did just encourage her to get you. But I did it for the Internet.

Ah, break it downnnn

Long gone are the days of Sesame Street and Dora and Blue’s Clues and Barney. Leta’s favorite show right now is a tie between SpongeBob SquarePants and this one, Yo Gabba Gabba. I think the creators of this show have discovered the same secret magic that Elmo uses over toddlers because if she hears a [...]

18 weeks

Today marks my 18th week of pregnancy, and the look on my face has a little to do with the way I’m feeling, although it’s more about the fact that Jon was trying to get me to smile. Nothing to me is more obnoxious, except maybe someone calling me sweetheart or darling with a Boston [...]

Bridge over frozen water

A brief stop while walking with the dogs to admire the smog in the air.

Metal curtain rod

Yesterday the curtain rods I bought for Leta’s windows arrived (they are currently on sale!), and for a brief moment I thought the curtains we’d found at Ikea were not going to fit the circumference of the rod. Luckily, they barely slipped on, and later today we’re going to install these in her room, the [...]