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For lists or collections of dirty thoughts

Maybe it’s because I graduated with a degree in English and was taught to carry around a notebook in case of a brilliant idea, but I don’t think a person can have too many of these in her possession. Plus, these are so much cheaper and better-looking than a Blackberry. 1. Flocked Jasmine Journal Set [...]

Right in the middle of the bedtime story

“The clock struck twelve, so Cinderella ran out of the palace, down the stairs, and out—” “Wait, wait. You’re not supposed to run in school.” “I don’t think Cinderella is in school at this particular point in the story.” “But if she runs in school, she would get a time-out.” “Noted.” “I’m better at school [...]

The Hogan Five

These are my sister’s five kids, clockwise from the left: Mariah, 17, Britton, 11, Meredith, 15, This One, 8, That One, 8. Mariah is the oldest grandchild on my side of the family, and I remember calling my mom from a pay phone in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1991 to ask if my sister had [...]