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Maybe it’s because I graduated with a degree in English and was taught to carry around a notebook in case of a brilliant idea, but I don’t think a person can have too many of these in her possession. Plus, these are so much cheaper and better-looking than a Blackberry.

1. Flocked Jasmine Journal Set See Jane Work $10

2. Dried Umbel Mini Notebook Jengs Shop $7.50

3. Notebook & Pencil A Plus R Store $18

4. Doughnuts Architectural Journal Edesse Designs $12

5. Do Work Gocco Printed Notebook Two Guitars $8

6. Field Notes Three-Pack Coudal Partners $9.95

7. Orla Kiely Petal Pebble Journal Anthropologie $16

8. Basset Hound Secret Journal SecretMe $12

9. House pocket jotter Dozi $12

10. Notebook with chairs Cricicis Design $8

Heather B. Armstrong

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