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Lions and tigers and spiders

Leta’s fear of spiders has recently grown into a full blown neurosis, and I’m afraid the entirety of her phobia is all my fault. I am the type of person who cannot remain calm when in the presence of a tiny bug and have been known to yelp, jump three feet into the air, and [...]

The princess tree

This was one of the trees planted within blocks of the place we rented in Southern California, something I purposefully walked by every morning on my way down to the beach. I imagine that if we had one of these in our backyard that Leta would have me cut off all the branches and display [...]


Almost every inch of snow has melted in our backyard (just watch, the mere fact that I make mention of this means that the moment I hit publish it will start snowing), which means these guys are a little more playful with each other when we let them out in the morning. So now we [...]