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E 51st St

I believe those spires are the ones sticking up from St. Patrick’s Cathedral in midtown Manhattan. We had absolutely no free time to walk around and take photographs, but I’m guessing that if Jon and I ever moved to New York we’d have to buy a separate studio apartment just to hold the terabytes upon [...]

Enormous pregnant lady eats Manhattan

Rarely do I ever feel as vulnerable as when I’m using the toilet on an airplane, and I think it has everything to do with someone trying to figure out how to talk about where they found my body if the plane should crash. Like, I’d rather be the one they found still in her [...]

Eliminating checked baggage

Ever since the FAA instated regulations on the amount of liquid you can carry onboard an airplane, I’ve been having to check at least one piece of luggage every time I fly because of all my hair-care products. I just haven’t been organized enough to find three-ounce containers for everything, at least not until last [...]