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26 weeks

Yesterday marked my 26th week of pregnancy and to celebrate I thought I’d forego the usual sports bra: I never thought I’d say this, but I can’t wait to have my little boobs back. And I know it will be months if not years (IF EVER) until I am reunited with them, but these are [...]


UPDATE: Reader Anne writes to tell me that she’s found my earrings in the sale section at Anthropologie: Lluvia Earrings $19.95 Thanks, Anne! Several readers have written to ask where I bought the dangly gold earrings I’m wearing on my about page and in various episodes of Momversation, and unfortunately I purchased them last November [...]

Poor imitation of a Botticelli

There’s nothing special about this particular photograph, I just thought the dogs were positioned in a way that resembled a Renaissance painting. Coco just needs to be showing a small patch of pale, fleshy boob and Chuck should be looking upward toward a light in the sky with a look on his face that suggests [...]