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Oblivious to the imminent chaos

I know, I know, there is no Chuck component to this photo. But that dog knows I’m pregnant and is so scared by what it means that he usually leaves the room when I enter. And Monday night after I had been gone for a day he was so agonized by my absence and what [...]

Giving my mother something to brag about

Today’s post is mostly intended for my seventh grade English teacher, Mary Krause Fowler, she who first encouraged me to write almost 22 years ago, a teacher I have thought about often when sitting down to tell a story. Today my hardcover book hits shelves: This book is the culmination of several years worth of [...]

Handmade hippo wood teether

Have I officially become That Hippo Lady? Yes? No problem, at least I’m not That Lady Who Likes To Take Out Her Teeth At Parties. Not yet, anyway. This adorable teething toy is from the Little Alouette Etsy shop, and it’s handmade from Ohio Maple and finished with certified organic flax seed oil. Love the [...]

Little fish

This coming Thursday marks Leta’s final swimming lesson for the season, and she’s finally not scared of the whole experience. As a way to celebrate the completion of the course they’ve invited all the parents to swim with the kids during the final lesson, and WHAT A COINCIDENCE, I’m going to be in Chicago. Far, [...]

This is not what it looks like

Last night we were watching The Funny Show, and once again our laughter caused Chuck distressing anxiety, this time manifesting itself in his desire to hide his face. The nearest place was the space between Jon’s crossed legs. Now neither one of them can run for office because who is going to believe that explanation?

The dreaded gurgle

A couple of weeks ago I was braiding Leta’s hair in the downstairs bathroom when the toilet suddenly started making awful noises: ka-thunk, ka-thunk… blurp, blurp, blurp… ka-thunk, ka-thunk, ka-thunk. Both of us stood still in an attempt to determine just what the hell was going on, and the noises only grew louder. Leta looked [...]

UR blog sux

That’s me and the uproariously funny Ben Huh (of I Can Has Cheezburger) during our panel at SXSW on Tuesday morning. Many thanks to Jon for taking this even though he didn’t have a camera pass. I guess this means this photo is technically illegal, in which case, woo! I’m sleeping with a criminal!

You say tomato…


Sweet Heart OPI nail polish

After I recently posted a picture of one of my many wedding rings, I got a slew of email asking about the color of my nail polish. Don’t know why it’s taken me so long to post this, I’ll blame placenta brain, but it’s the shade Sweet Heart by OPI. I picked it up at [...]

Recovering from all that exhausting sobriety

It is such a weird, confusing feeling to have to relieve myself so very badly, only to sit on a commode in absolute silence, waiting… waiting… Last night I was perched in a stall in a women’s restroom in Salt Lake International Airport, contorted, meditating intently on the idea of going pee, so panicked that [...]