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Someone else needs to lay off the potato chips

Chuck has been putting on some sympathy weight this pregnancy, seen here where his neck billows out of his collar. We haven’t been feeding him any more than usual, maybe a few more treats here and there, but he runs a lot less when we let him off leash at the park. Could be that [...]

Sick days

It started with a 104 degree fever Saturday morning that periodically reared it head throughout the weekend. And then this morning she started throwing up. The doctor said to keep her hydrated and tough it out for a few days, so I had to bribe her to sip some Pedialyte (we bought the orange flavor, [...]

Nameless Baby Armstrong

Jon: “What about Alexandra?” Me: “Oooh, I like it!” Jon: “FINALLY! That’s the first time I’ve suggested a name that you like.” Me: “Because that’s the first time you’ve ever suggested a name!” Jon: “That’s not true.” Me: “Oh, yes it is! Go ahead, list off all the names you’ve suggested.” Jon: “I’ve suggested plenty.” [...]