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A game of fetch in the desert

Turns out that orange traffic cones grow naturally in the wild. WHO KNEW?


Jon was intent on photographing me here at the cabin even though I wanted no part of it. So I tried to hide behind my hair and ended up looking like I’m a member of some sort of early 90s British rock band who is either too shy to look at the audience or too [...]

Disaster Preparedness

So I guess Leta has developed a phobia of things blowing away, I’m not sure where it came from, but here it is and wow, does it ever pop up out of nowhere and hijack a good hour of our lives. Let me first just say that she comes by this naturally, I had all [...]

The SuperMutt in his natural habitat

I think Chuck likes visiting my mother’s cabin more than any of us, and if we’d let him he’d roam the plateaus for hours seeking out lizards and rabbits and marking sagebrush. And then shitting himself when confronted with an enormous family of elk. TRUE STORY.

High desert sunset

I got this shot the first night we were out here of the cabin at sunset across the way. We had just put the baby down for the night, and since I usually go to sleep with the baby this was the latest I had stayed up in weeks. Worth the thirty minutes of sleep [...]

Some thoughts before a hopefully more peaceful day tomorrow

Yesterday afternoon we drove up to my mother’s cabin in Duchesne, Utah to relax a bit with some of my family, although I’m not so sure you could call it relaxing what we’ve been doing, every ten seconds shouting: SIT DOWN COCO. NO. SIT. SIT. I SAID SIT. COCO. COCO!! Because suddenly there are eight [...]


I know, I know, we should brush the dogs’ teeth more, but when it’s been a long time we toss out a few rawhide bones and hope that the subsequent three hours of scraping will get rid of a few tiny specks of plaque. Right? Hopefully? Same thing goes for Leta, except we toss her [...]

A Utah cricket

We’re spending the next couple of days with my mother at her cabin in the high desert of Duchesne, Utah. She says that these little guys routinely come out and sun themselves on her deck, so when we saw these last night we distracted Leta IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY. Last thing I need is my [...]

Note to BSG fans:

Jon assures me that his little outburst in my previous post does not spoil anything for you if you are watching the series, that you should continue on and not worry. And that at one point your mind is going to be completely blown.

The inevitable post that gets placed squarely in the BOOBS category

So. Breastfeeding. You know what? I think I’m going to begin every post just like that from now on: So. Just the “So” part, not the breastfeeding part, although I’m open to doing just that if that’s what you prefer. But something tells me you might be a little bit done with all the female [...]