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Marley and Cami

These are two of my young Mormon friends, and yes, when they come over I loudly announce, Look! It’s The Mormons! They come over for free dinner a lot, and seriously, raise your hand if you’d like to trade places with my husband. This is his life.

Roman Cavalry choirs are singing

This may seem like child abuse to a certain fraction of you, but we don’t let Leta listen to music geared toward kids. Or I guess I should say we haven’t ever introduced it to her because we were afraid it would induce seizures and/or homicidal behavior in her parents. We get enough of the [...]

A quick cuddle at LAX

Jon snapped this as we were waiting for our flight to board at LAX on Tuesday afternoon. Poor kid was so exhausted the next day that there was a bit of screaming from fatigue, but she’d grin and giggle between each scream, like, wait, I’m the happiest baby that ever lived, but what is this [...]

Outdoor cushions

A couple of years ago we bought a relatively cheap set of patio furniture with really bland, tan cushions from Target for the deck right outside our kitchen. But since we never bought covers and never brought the cushions inside, the whole set sort of became unusable. Instead of trashing everything I took the cushions [...]

Abstract Earth

I’m not sure where we were when I snapped this shot, maybe the very eastern tip of California, or maybe it was Nevada. Could have been Utah. But as Marlo slept on Jon’s shoulder I played a few games of Solitaire on my iPhone and admired the scenery below. I cannot get over what a [...]

I think this means that whatever we’re doing is working

In an effort to allow Jon and me the time needed to get ourselves and the baby packed for our whirlwind trip to Los Angeles, our assistant Katey asked if she could come pick up Leta on Sunday morning and take her to brunch for a couple of hours. And this is one of probably [...]

Mile marker

Marlo is days away from outgrowing all the newborn-sized onesies in her wardrobe, and I thought what better way to commemorate this milestone. Oh, Chuck. The many, many, many more milestones to come!


Ok. So. We decided that the name Marlo was a frontrunner back in December, and then in February we downloaded all five seasons of “The Wire” and started watching two to three episodes a night. If you haven’t seen that series I cannot recommend enough that you go right now and get your hands on [...]

Because my anxiety needed a nudge or two

I remember the first time Leta ever saw an episode of Sesame Street, I think she was maybe thirteen or fourteen months old. She had woken up really early one morning, and in an effort to let Jon get some sleep before heading into his office job I took her out to the living room [...]

Don Knotts, Jr.

No, seriously. Is the resemblance not astonishing?