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The Good, The Bad, and The Ambivalent

My friend Carol brought over her dog Basie a few days ago so that maybe, possibly, PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE, she might tire the hell out of Coco, and they chased each other around our back yard for more than three straight hours. And you would think, YOU WOULD THINK, that three hours of full-speed [...]

Big sister

I still cannot get over how huge Leta seems when she leans in to give Marlo a kiss on her head. Just, enormous. Like her eyebrows are three feet long and her hands are the size of hubcaps. And still, she’s my little girl. My gorgeous little girl.

The labor story, part three

So. The end of the story. I’m not sure how to even begin this, and there’s a part of me that wants to go: there once was a lady who got pregnant and then 40 weeks later there was a baby. The End. Except, then my monitor would be covered in tomatoes and trash and [...]

Dirty Duke Boy

Some of you may remember Bo, my sister’s lobotomized beagle, Chuck’s forbidden lover whom we had to babysit for a few hours last week. Just for old time’s sake, I’m going to post the Vimeo version of that video here:

Where all the crazy comes from

Last Friday evening everyone in my extended family gathered at a church pavilion in Draper, Utah to celebrate the June and July birthdays, all eight of them, mine and Jon’s included. This is my Granny Boone, my mother’s mother, holding Marlo, and yesterday she turned eighty-six. This woman had ten kids, one who died when [...]

Dimple, weekend edition

August 2009