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In the moment

A couple of days ago I volunteered in Leta’s kindergarten class for a writing workshop they hold every week, and since I show up early for everything I got to talk to her teacher while the kids finished playing outside. She said Leta was integrating well and asked how it was at home with the [...]

The canine contingent

A certain segment of this household is offended when I refer to us as a family of four. So I’m going to start referring to us as a family of four plus a moody goth plus a coked-up Zsa Zsa Gabor who barks at leaves. Are you guys satisfied now?


My mother hates it when I compare Marlo to Don Knotts, so naturally I do it as much as possible when my mother is around. And even when she’s not around I’ve taken to calling Marlo Don, or Donny, or Donny-Boy!

Your momma said you ugly

So I guess it was maybe a year ago when I was sitting in Heather Champ’s living room in San Francisco, holding her Chihuahua Chieka, and talking about how people sometimes send me hate mail because they look at a picture of Chuck and think his nails are too long. She was all, SHUT UP [...]

The book you must go out and purchase immediately

My good friend Julie Jackson, she of Subversive Cross Stitch, she who designed the April 2006 masthead for this website, she who provided Kitty Wigs for several Chuck photos (see Chelsea, Blanche, and of course Loni), has just released Glamourpuss: The Enchanting World of Kitty Wigs with photographs by Jill Johnson. You really ought to [...]

A canine coup!

Chuck has decided to seize control over all photo processing that concerns himself, thank you very much, now go away, he has to read his direct message from Peter Frampton on Tweetie.

Dressing room

Here I am with a napping Marlo about thirty minutes before I met Kourtney Kardashian and scared the living shit out of her. When I asked her if she was going to give birth vaginally (really, it wasn’t that shocking or inappropriate given the context of our conversation), she said yes, and before I could [...]

The first nudge toward the edge of the nest

A couple of weeks ago I accompanied Leta to her kindergarten orientation where we met with her teachers and explored the various areas and features of her classroom, and y’all, there is a princess castle! IN HER ROOM! I mean, it’s not an Official Princess Castle brought to you by Hasbro or Disney or whatever, [...]

Lake Mead

At least, I think this is Lake Mead. And I can’t even believe I’m going to admit this, but the only reason I would even assume this is Lake Mead is because I once heard one of the guys on CSI talking about it, and since we were flying over Las Vegas I was all, [...]

Summer of 1977

You can probably guess that we’ve done nothing the last two days but download and listen to everything Peter Frampton has ever recorded (legally, from Amazon). And step aside Coldplay, Frampton is now the new kitchen dancing music, although Leta has had to ask Jon to turn it down, Dad, more than once. Here is [...]