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A twitter party!

If your twitter party doesn’t look like this then you’re doing it wrong.


I can guarantee that if I had used the side of the L block that was lowercase I’d get an email telling me that I’d spelled my daughter’s name wrong. But I’m a thinker! LOOK AT ME THINK.

Watch with Heather

Exciting things are happening around here today, and the list doesn’t even cover the fun I’m having with my butt pillow. My designer butt pillow: fleece-covered with memory foam and a gel pad center, big enough to hang over the entire patio in case of inclement weather. I figured, this thing is going to become [...]

My little helpers

Every chef should have a sidekick or two.

The Great Salt Lake

I took this with my iPhone yesterday as we were approaching cruising altitude over Utah on a flight to Los Angeles yesterday. All the apps that you can get for photography on the iPhone have sparked a new interest in this hobby for me, so we left all the expensive equipment at home and brought [...]

Next up, blood-thirsty bunnies

Marlo is officially down to two naps. For those of you who do not have children, that first sentence will mean nothing to you. For those of you who do, you probably just experienced an instinctual pain in your chest at the memory of what it means to plan your life around your baby’s sleep [...]

Lil Iris

OK, this is arguably one of the best photos I’ve ever taken, I’m just going to go ahead and brag about that. Also, I’m pretty sure this kid is going to have blue eyes, no?


I had no idea Chuck was so bendable. In fact, this photo is creeping me out a little bit. (Thank you, Jon, for capturing this violation of nature.)

That decrepit old hag

This is quickly and steadily becoming A List of My Ailments Blog, and I’m just waiting for the email or comment that is all, UGH! You just had to go and get OLD on us. I liked you so much more when your bones weren’t brittle! The things I have done to damage your expectations, [...]

Corner of the kitchen

I’ve featured the calendar and the teacups here before, so I thought I’d show how and where I’ve displayed them in my home. I should mention that there was a terrible accident involving my foot and a certain lower shelf that I thought was more secure than it actually was, and those two cups are [...]