• kristennporter

    Virtual fist pump…and lots of kudos for telling it like it is. I love your site, and all the randomness that is expected from reading it.

  • Becca

    For shit’s sake, you are the EPITOME of workplace flexibility. And you created it yourself. no one handed it to you. the haters need to get laid.

  • MichelleD


    Ride this ride that your blog has taken you on for as long as it goes!

    It’s crazy to me how the green eyed monster takes control of people and justifies them spewing vitriol on the internets. To people they don’t know and have never met.

  • Renee T


    you are amazing. Thanks for your honesty.


  • RebJoh

    Well, I’m pissed.

    I didn’t see the DC meet-up tweet until too late! :(

    Seriously though, the Interweb is great for a whole lot of things, but it also creates a security blanket of anonymity that surprises and scares me. I’m glad you don’t take it to heart. Keep on keepin’ on lady. Reading your blog is a bright spot in my day.


  • Cynsfamily

    I love the fact that you share your journey with us & I look forward to reading your about your life & your thoughts on the world. You have been able to put into words thoughts and feelings that I have had and not been brave enough to speak. Thank you Heather for your bravery and humor. Your posts and pictures bring a smile to my face, even on the days I feel like I am drowning just a bit in my own drama. Your awesome!! =)

  • islamama

    although you have to admit it would be cool if rahm emmanuel called you a “fucking retard.”

  • chasethefirefly

    “I do not ever get a day off. I did not get a maternity leave. I can’t take a vacation. Every moment of my life is accompanied by the thought that I have a website to maintain, one that feeds my family, and if I don’t publish they don’t eat.”

    Those words have made me so sad this morning. I COMPLETELY understand why you wrote them. I’ve been working really hard at a teeny business that has taken off and I feel like all the days are running into each other with a little sleep in between. I’m trying to force myself to ease up before it takes away from my health/sanity or my family. I hope that you are able to find time for yourself and your family in the near future. You all deserve it.

  • shoe freak

    Lots of “virtual fist pumping” happening over here. And I’m just curious…if these people are such haters….why are they following you?! A-holes….

  • Carolina

    Out of all the blogs I’ve read over the years, you’re the only person I’ve found with the combination to make negativity work. Other bloggers, myself included, just can’t seem to find that place.

    I love coming to your site after seeing all the overly done cuteness front the rest of us tend to have to do to find loyal readers. You provide a dose of reality.

  • Steph the WonderWorrier

    I don’t really read the comments that get left on your Blog, I just come here to read your awesome posts! Sorry people were being total douchenozzles!

    I can relate in a way to people not understanding or appreciating the hard work you do. I’m a new teacher, I teach the first grade. All through teacher’s college (and before, actually, whenever I’d say that becoming a teacher was my goal) I’d hear, “Oh yeah! Who wouldn’t want to work from 9-3 and have summers off?”.

    A statement like that completely dismisses the amount of work that goes into teaching, especially for new teachers. My job is practically 24/7! I’m always planning, marking, organizing, and participating in professional development opportunities.

    I think it just comes down to people not understanding the job and yet still feeling like they can have a loud-mouth opinion on it.

  • avitable

    I’ll admit, I’ve been a vocal critic of you on my blog. I’ve had some experiences recently that have made me realize that I’ve dehumanized you in the past, and I was wrong to do that. This was an excellent post.

  • Carolina

    Out of all the blogs I’ve read over the years, you’re the only person I’ve found with the combination to make negativity work. Other bloggers, myself included, just can’t seem to find that place.

    I love coming to your site after seeing all the overly done cuteness front the rest of us tend to have to do to find loyal readers. You provide a dose of reality.

  • settembre

    Out of all the wonderful blog posts you’ve written, and most of them are wonderful, this in my opinion is by far the best one.


  • bluzdude

    Congrats on the DC gig. Don’t let the haters get you down.

    Some people just have to have someone to shit on.

    And I registered just so I could tell you that!

  • galebird

    I do not usually comment on blogs like this because I prefer shameless reading and enjoying to making an ass of myself when I try to coherantly comment. :) That said, this entry really caught my attention in ways I did not expect. I had no clue you were getting all kinds of muck over announcing you were going to DC!

    Yesterday, I saw mention on CNN.com about how you were going to be a part of the forum in DC. I excitedly explained to someone here that finally, someone who “gets it” was going to go to DC and talk about something that I’d had a terrible struggle with recently. I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant and at about 24 weeks, I was left with no viable alternative but to leave a job I loved as there was no other option that would preserve me and my child’s health and welfare over and above the demands of the workplace. I would have lost all the time FMLA allows for maternity leave and I was just not sick enough YET for disability.

    A person should not have to get sick to get reasonable accomodation during something like pregnancy or even more so with a chronic condition. A workplace should be conscientious enough to want to work WITH their employee to prevent it from getting that bad so long as the employee is as willing to work with them. Thankfully, I have a seasonal job I’ve maintained as well that really stepped up when my fulltime job fell short and I’ll be alright but I worry about those who aren’t so fortunate.

    I am glad that the White House is doing this and so grateful that you’re going to be there able to speak for so many who need a voice. Good luck in DC. :)

  • currants

    Dooce, I love you and think you’re wonderful and I would love to sit up all night and talk with you and my friend Laurel although she’d want scotch and I think tequila would be better than beer, but I do have one question: should you maybe just stop feeding the trolls?

  • lorenawebber

    You ROCK Heather Armstrong. I just recently stumbled on your blog when searching for the best blogs on google. There is a reason that your blog is voted one of the best out there. Keep up the amazing work, and brilliant writing!

  • WanderingOne

    I’m with that other grad student way up there, what about the ‘hard’ even though people think it’s easy. About the no days off, even when you don’t have an office to be at, strictly speaking. About people sucking it.

    The thing is, whenever you are a success, people will hold it against you, for whatever reason. For their own bitter, unfulfilled reasons, I suppose. Regardless, there are plenty of people out there who support you like crazy (hello, I’m one of them) and would be happy to chat over a beer or three with you without begrudging you the wonderful things you’ve been blessed with. And the rest? Yeah. They can SUCK IT!!! (I think you might be wearing off on me…)

  • nomad61877

    They can suck it. You just keep doing what you are doing, there are plenty more people that appreciate this than don’t.

    Thank you, Heather. I have enjoyed your site for years and years. The pictures – oh, the pictures! – make me want to be a better photographer. The stories of your gorgeous family, the sad, funny, touching ones…all are great. I always enjoy popping in to dooce.com and seeing what the Armstrong family is up to. It is your life you are sharing with us, I say do it however the hell you want.

  • jlkmustang

    OUTSTANDING post. I’m glad you finally called em out! I’ve been feeling shitty recently thanks to a certain surpervisor at work, and on Monday at the gym I got reacquainted with the perfect song for this mood.

    Dedicated to all the haters:

    “So I wanna say thank you
    ‘Cause it makes me that much stronger
    Makes me work a little bit harder
    It makes me that much wiser
    So thanks for making me a fighter
    Made me learn a little bit faster
    Made my skin a little bit thicker
    Makes me that much smarter
    So thanks for making me a fighter”
    - “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera

    And CONGRATULATIONS on your success and happiness and being invited to the White House! You rock, Dooce!!

  • Lividviv

    I’m sorry some people are jerks to you. I’ve been reading you since Leta was a baby and I’m still having a great time. It’s been nice growing up together.
    Good luck with all your pursuits!

  • jlejeune

    You go Heather,

    Congratulations on being asked and valued by the LEADER of this country. Ask the rude people if they got an invite.

    Keep on doing what you are doing. You make me smile, cry and laugh out loud. I look forward to your every post.

    Now I’m going to click through all your adds so you can put more stuff on Chucks head and take pictures of him. That makes me smile.

  • Amalia

    No, thank YOU Heather. We appreciate you too. You inspired me to start blogging, and I appreciate you for that.

  • Candy

    What those Virtual Fist-Pump People said?…Yeah, me too. I can’t say it better, so I won’t try.

    I thank you, Heather, for speaking out, even when it’s unpopular. And I thank you, Fist-Pumpers, for supporting her. Your eloquence on my behalf is appreciated.

  • scatterbox

    Love how all the haters hate SO MUCH that they can’t… stop… reading… your… posts… OHHHHH!

    Guess they also deserve a big, fat THANK YOU for helping support your job that they love to hate so much!


    LOVE you. Rock on.

  • littlemissellie

    fck the haters heather! come to england, we have bourbon!

  • Kirstin

    Been reading you for years and have loved every second. The haters need to get a life. I hope you gave Obama a big hug from all of us who needed these healthcare reforms! Now come to Philly so we can grab a cheesesteak together!

  • lynseylou82

    Bitter, angry, resentful people, the haters are.

    I don’t own my own company, but both of my parents have at differents times in their lives and I’ll tell you what, they worked their asses off. Clearly the haters can’t see beyond their own pathetic little world to see anything else. Seriously.

    There may be a lot of haters out there, but I’ll tell you what, there’s a whole lotta love out there, too.

    Oh, and I LOVE SHIFT, TOO!

  • Pictou

    I know that owning your own business is not a walk in the park. It’s a lot of work and you know more than anyone that if you don’t perform, there is no income.

    What I don’t understand is why the haters are feeling you don’t represent an alternative to the 9 to 5 job. You’re no different than the crafter who makes a living on Etsy, the freelance writer working in the spare bedroom or the stay at home mom who keeps three kids after school to make ends meet.

    You are a work at home woman who is successful at promoting her product.

    Good on you, and good on the other people who have chosen other lines of works. I hope you live in the US where you can choose when and where you make your living.

  • heathir

    Thank you for saying the things “that need to be said.” Really and truly, thank you.

  • k8juice

    You’re a rock star. No – you’re the blogosphere’s very own superheroine. With a very stylish cape. There’s always going to be lousy people who feel the need to tear down other people in a totally futile attempt to make themselves feel less lousy. Keep living the dream!

  • Adventures of an English Mum

    You know what I think Heather? Fuck ‘em!!!! Mostly they are jealous of your success and the only thing that makes them feel better is to try and drag you down. I think it’s awesome that you went to the White House and I hope you had an absolute blast xxx

  • jennyfromtheshwa


    I was so proud that you went to DC. It was as if it was happening to me or to someone I actually know. But I don’t know you, but feel as if you are my best friend. You deserve everything that is coming your way. Remember that there is at least one person, me, whose life you saved by writing this blog. And by making that change in one person’s life should make all the hate go away. Let it roll of you and bask in your glory. I can’t even imagine how hard it must to have people who don’t even know you talk smack about you. But for every person who hates you there are at least 5 who adore you.

    PS. You rocked those tights in DC.

  • sonjabean

    I can’t imagine what you must go through. People do tend to like an excuse to find something wrong with someone else – anyone else. But hey, don’t they say there’s no such thing as bad press? And I wouldn’t be surprised if the haters weren’t among your most loyal followers. I remember in the Howard Stern movie, “Private Parts,” where one of the radio station managers was all upset about Howard’s show, and then the ratings come out, and they show that the audience members who liked Howard listened to him for (something like) 20 minutes per day and the audience members who hated him listened to him for 40 minutes per day. So hey, numbers are numbers I guess, even for you. I don’t know how your advertising rates work, but I assume that your site hits have something to do with it, so the more the merrier, right?

    Well, again, I can’t imagine that it’s easy to be you, but as others have said, I’m glad you do it anyway. :)

  • Rags1027

    WOOHOO! btw, isn’t Old Ebbitts FAB?????

  • robynmay

    I want to say thank you Heather. I have been following your blog for a little over a year now and I look forward to the next installment! You make me laugh out loud, even on days when I don’t want to be laughing. You are trully an insiration to working mothers everywhere!

  • Dani

    Good grief! How to put this?

    I don’t always agree with every thing you say. I don’t however think you are in any way a bad person just because we have different opinions.

    Yes the people that hate you have problems. It’s just insane to me how hatefull people can be. I know you know they are nut jobs but I just want to say there are far more people who think you are awesome.

    I’m sorry you have to deal with that much negativity and I’d happily sit down and have a few drinks with you. In fact I’d bring a realy nice bottle of wine (or two) and laugh at all the irrational things people say.

  • lagabla

    Go, Heather! I think you are awesome and I love your blog, even if we don’t agree on politics. More power to you!

    And closed-minded, jealous a**holes SHOULD suck it.

  • AlysseMengason

    DO NOT worry about the nay-sayers! I am most impressed that you were asked to speak/comment on alternative work situations!! I hope that went well. I have been working from home since I got very sick in ’03, and so many people put my scenario down! Cheers to you!! I just adore your blog–it’s an inspiration! Alysse Mengason, http://www.brainthunders.com

  • Sarah Rosemary

    I had no idea people would take any issue with your involvemet in the forum, how silly! Anyway, I hope you do not let them get you down — write us a post about how the forum went. I am eager to find out!

  • amw84

    I love you (and secretly want to steal your adorable husband and children). Keep smiling.

  • Sailor Scorpio

    (I admit, I’m still having a bit of a time with this not-so-new login feature. I’ll get used to it sooner or later.)

    They’re hating because they want to be front-page of cnn.com-worthy, too. Dude! I saw your picture on it when my husband was checking out CNN, and I stopped him, made him click the link, and read it. Did I mention I was supposed to be umplugged from the world wide intertubes this weekend? ;) YOU MADE THE FRONT PAGE OF CNN.COM! I am most definitely jealous, too — but I’m not hating, I’m taking notes. And I’m giving credit where credit is due. You do an awesome job and make it clear that this whole work-from-home thing can be done. Instead of sitting here at my 8-to-5 desk feeling like this is it, this is where life is taking me, I’m feeling like someday it’s all going to come together. You’re inspirational.

  • debcon37

    Been reading since I “STUMBLED” on the website in 2004. Leta and my Danielle are just two months apart, so I went through the PPD right along with you. Read all your archives and have been enjoying this ride with you ever since.
    You’re a great example of an American dream. Enjoy it, and yeah, mean people suck. I’m glad that you’re addressing this. It may not make the haters stop hating, but I bet you feel better huh?

  • Tropical Mum

    I am sorry that in order to have a job that you love, you have to put up with all the negative comments of people who make themselves feel better by putting others down.

    I hope that you focus on all the positive comments you get, because you have SO MANY fans who love you, and I am sure they outnumber the jerks.

    Keep that Hamilton chin up. We love hearing what you have to say!

  • pattyhans

    I’m always amazed at the bitter jealousy people have toward successful people – and at their total inability to recognize it in themselves. Love your site and enjoy the heck out of your sense of humor – don’t let anyone get you down!

  • laurcas

    First – darn, should have come down to the Old Ebbitt. Dooce was just a metro ride away. Come back to DC soon!

    Second – was that workplace thing boring? It looked kind of boring, like the meetings I sit through every day. I would kill for a work life like yours (well, I do work from home when I’m not in boring meetings, so halfway there and all the long hours and no vacations)

    Third – Jim Samples and I were chatting about you the other day – insanely glowing endorsement from me on his good sense!

    Fourth – living my own private HGTV hell – I mean, show – right now –help! Send Holmes and that lady, and throw in Ty from Extreme Makeover while you’re at it. And please come and Twitter about Hardieplank and custom color matching and contractors who lie.

    Continue to be amazed by Heather Armstrong. Tell those nasty people to just go back to their Facebook postings about the death of democracy.

  • spedrson

    I’m so glad I didn’t read any of those comments about you! I try to stay away from that kind of stuff.

    Let me just say… Ben’s Chili Bowl is freakin’ awesome!!! We’ve lived in the DC area for the last 14 years (my hubby is a federal drone) and I’ve only been to Ben’s a few times, but it’s by far one of my favorite DC places!

  • Wren

    Consider this an internet fist-bump. I come to this blog and read because it’s enjoyable. Because it’s made me dissolve into laughter AND tears. Keep it up, Heather!

  • Anu

    Fuck the haters! Such people are just sad and empty inside and will never find happiness no matter how hard they try, so fuck em!

    But more importantly, did you get to meet the president or the first lady? Pictures, we need pictures!