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Risky business

Jon: Do you know how badly I’d love to buy your stepfather’s motorcycle? Me: No. Never. Not gonna happen. NUH. UH. Jon: But I’d just use it for fun— Me: Jon, you know I love you, right? Jon: Of course. Me: That’s first on the list. Second, you’re my soul mate. Jon: What has this [...]


And plotting revenge.

Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong

This was one of the nights when we both showered, fancied up and had ourselves a date. We had my niece Mariah stay and put Leta to bed, and the following morning Leta said that she really, really wished we would go out more often. I won’t argue with that.

Featured community question that will have everyone sniffing their armpits

Today’s featured question comes from user musickatt: Last week Leta spent a weekend night with my mom, and when we picked her up my mother just snickered like a witch. I’m used to this, and it’s always followed by something like, “I fed her ice cream for breakfast,” or, “I let her stay up until [...]

Our herd

This was originally supposed to be a picture of Chuck and his jumprope, but by the time I got him positioned and turned around to grab the camera, this is what had happened.

The Saturday morning cave

Saturday morning Leta set up camp in the bathroom. She shoved three blankets, two pillows and a stack of toys into the bathtub. And since Marlo wants to be wherever Leta is, she crawled into the bathroom and stood at the side of the tub for quite some time, smacking the side of it and [...]

Another conversation about BYU in the car

Leta: Mom, where did you meet Daddy? Me: I met him when I was in college. About thirteen years ago. Leta: Was he in college, too? Me (secretly hoping she doesn’t ask where we went to college): Yes. Leta: Where did you go to college? Me (almost inaudibly): BYU. Leta: Where? Me: BYU. WE WENT [...]

Obsessive Consumption

Obsessive Consumption: What Did You Buy Today? by Kate Bingaman-Burt is a collection of drawings of things she purchased every day since February of 2006 (you can see the blog here). Now, you have the illustration side of things, and looking at it that way makes it a really inspiring collection of artwork and determination [...]

Act one

This was part of the beginning act of Alegría where they walked out into the audience and picked out a few unsuspecting people to dance around with. Meaning, I took this photo from underneath my chair.

Becoming referee

So, let’s see. How many ways have I mentioned that Marlo is completely different from Leta? She eats, she moves, she likes to French kiss electrical outlets… oh BY THE WAY. Those little plastic protectors? The ones that are supposed to prevent your baby from electrocuting herself? GUESS WHAT? Turns out they are the exact [...]