• REBottoni

    Funny, my sister & I were just talking about chickens a few days ago. We grew up behind a small farm where the main crop was pansies. They also had two coops of chickens (and one rooster). I’m pretty sure you need a rooster (wake-up call at 4:30 AM sound good to you?) in order to get eggs. And you will have a side crop of FLIES, thousands of little black biting flies. And of course don’t forget the chicken-shit.

  • TravelSkite

    Yeah, chickens! MY husband swears by them as blood pressure lowerers. I’ve kept them for years and I love having them down the bottom of the garden. They’re not machines, though, and when it’s autumn as it is down here in New Zealand, they moult and look like mad professors. With beaks. Here, have a look: http://travelskite.blogspot.com/2010/05/before-and-after-and-here-not-away.html

  • genie

    You do NOT need roosters for the hens to lay eggs. Eggs are essentially chicken periods. No male needed, thank you. Males (ahem, roosters) can be a bit aggressive, loud and do things to the hens that will require some explaining to the girls. And maybe the Jo(h)ns.

    Chickens will keep the resident bug population low, till the soil for you and provide a good conversation point for where food really comes from. As in, humans do not make the eggs that are sold in plastic cartons in the store. Yes, that chicken leg used to be a REAL chicken leg on a real chicken.

    I grew up with 50 or so chickens on my parents farm. We annually butchered 25 or so of the young males (before they got too loud) which ended up in our freezer for later meals. Not my favorite thing but at least I know (and appreciate) where my food comes from.

    As we live in a more urban area now, we will be getting a small coop for about 10 hens (I will win this conversation with my hubby) so that my 2 year old daughter will have at least a small grip on food reality. Not to mention the chickens eating scorpions. Hopefully that will sway the hubby.

  • BlogalaCart

    O.M.G. I have been PINING for chickens to call my own and my husband (who, granted, was raised ON A FARM) has threatened divorce as well. I found these super trendy chicken coops – TELL ME YOU’VE SEEN THEM, Heather! The name alone kills me. EGLU! EGLU, y’all! https://www.omlet.us/shop/shop.php?cat=Eglu

    But um, it’s either husband or chickens.

    Some days I lean toward the chickens…

  • ladygray

    I shouldn’t be able to laugh this much at 6:57 am (after being awoken before the sacred hour of 7 by my 10 month old.)
    but the idea of your family + CHICKENS?! I died.

    That said, I live in Seattle, a real honest-to-goodness city, and down the street the neighbor has chickens. Wandering around their front yard. So, there is that.

  • heylucy

    A couple rebuttals to some previous comments:
    A few backyard hens aren’t going to smell. I’ve had as many as 18 chickens at one time, and occasionally someone drops a monster poop first thing in the morning that isn’t pleasent, but it’s more of a farm/manure smell. If you can handle picking up after your dog, chicken poop is nothing.
    Chickens eat bugs, and if you keep the coop clean, you won’t have any kind of fly problem. Regular additions of pine shavings keep the coop smelling good, I sweep them out completely every few months and throw them in the compost.
    Hens lay eggs without a rooster.
    There is really no good reason not to get chickens. Three or four will produce plenty of eggs for an average family, and they’re a lot easier to care for than cats or dogs.

  • Plano Mom

    I really feel pretty strongly about this. You do not want to have chickens sharing a yard with your loved ones.


    It says it’s rare, but a classmate of mine died from it.

    I can tell from your pics that you’re spotlessly clean, and I know I’m a little biased against it, but if you’re going to have chickens, please consider keeping them somewhere else.

  • LynnFlynn

    I came back from college last summer, and I kept hearing this noise every morning. It sounded like an animal in pain. Then I realized my neighbors across the street had gotten a rooster. A rooster with a speech impediment. He didn’t say “cockadoodledoo”, he said “GAAAAAAAAH!” They have chickens too, like 7 of them. And I guess they are taking the term “free range” to the extreme, cause these birds are always in the neighbors yard, pissing off indoor cats. I totally want chickens someday. Maybe like 3. I’d look out for Coco though, she might eat one.

  • KatieMick

    My sister got 25 chicks in March. Twenty five chicks grow up into twenty five chickens – I think her eyes were bigger than her brain – or their chicken coop in progress.

    She also wanted to adopt a blind goat and name it Little Stevie Wonder.

    My sister’s fiance had to have the fatherly talk about not adopting a blind goat.

    I think ARMSTRONG might be in the right here. Coco will officially go off the reservation if there are chickens in the blurbodoocery.

  • karan

    chicken poop stinks

  • cshift3

    My hubby recently suggested we get chickens…I was a little bit apprehensive, due to the fact that we have a border collie and a smallish yard.

    But we decided to give it a try, and got three Isa Reds. They are called Nugget, Rosie, and Selena Mcbokbok.

    Honestly they are low maintenance, the dog is already used to them (and vice versa), and the kids love checking for eggs.

    But the most surprising thing for me is how much I enjoy having them around. They make me laugh every day. Probably because it’s all still quite new and they are strange creatures.

    They each give us an egg a day…more than we would ever eat. So we share with the neighbours.

    I would recommend chickens to anyone interested in a different kind of pet.

  • MrsBagley

    Two words: Tax Deduction

  • Shannon_G

    I hate to disagree with you, especially this being my fist comment but NO CHICKENS! I live in South Arkansas and if you don’t know, Kirby, Arkansas is known for their chicken coups. They stink! All you have to do is drive through the town and you’ll gag. Also, chickens are mean. They won’t be cute and fuzzy forever. They bite. I say get a rabbit. I know that sounds stupid but I got my 15 month old a rabbit for Easter.I was really just wanting to take her picture with it then I was going to give it away but he is the best pet ever.