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When families collide

She has my Granny Boone’s smile, Jon’s sister’s dimples, his other sister’s nose, and a combination of my mother and father’s eyes. A true blend. Let’s hope she gets the bulk of my father’s will.

The newest member of Blurbodoocery, Inc.

A few months ago we needed to hire a new assistant, and through a friend we met someone who fit every requirement and then some. Internet, meet John: Yes. There are now two people in this house who go by that name, and so to avoid any confusion I refer to my husband as Armstrong. [...]


No joke, I was standing there taking this photo when he farted and glitter came out of his ass.

Belated Mother’s Day

These are the flowers Jon got me for Mother’s Day a week ago, but it was yesterday that I finally got to sleep in. Which was all I wanted for Mother’s Day, an extra hour of sleep. That hour was totally worth the wait.

Fumbling dummies

Today Marlo turns eleven months old. Remember when I used to write a monthly newsletter to Leta? Yeah, yeah. Good times. And when I was pregnant with Marlo I planned to continue those newsletters, except I’d be writing it to the both of them. No big deal. And then BOOM. Two kids. Like, a semi [...]

After a small rain shower

You think he’s just sitting there, but he is actively balancing sunlight on his head. Very complicated work.

Urban mosaic

I’m always stunned by the intricate tile work on the walls of New York subway stations. I don’t even want to think about the hours of labor that went into creating this, it just hurts to think about it.

She’s onto us!

This morning as Leta was brushing her teeth before school she glanced up and noticed the artwork above the toilet for the first time. Here’s where I talk about how sad it is that she hasn’t noticed it before, not until she got glasses, and what else has she missed in the last six years? [...]

One hundred and one

Chuck. Come on now. You’re fooling no one.

New York texture

Sometimes the subway in New York looks like a beautiful abstract painting. If you can ignore the smell of urine.