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La Vie en Janice

This is Sarah’s next guest post — yes, I’m still having her do a few guest posts here and there because everything in our lives is in such disarray that I need some time to hunker down and get things organized. I’m not kidding, just yesterday I found soap. I’ve been using Jon’s male body [...]

The new digs

One of the best things about this new house is the giant backyard. ONE THAT IS ENTIRELY FENCED IN. Chuck cannot escape, although he will linger all the way up as far as he can get and ignore our calls to come. Because he is a douchebag. A trapped douchebag, now!

Main living space

This is the living space off the kitchen looking out into the backyard. Plenty of space to host our huge Mormon families, which is one of the main reasons we wanted this house. It takes the pressure off my mother who has been hosting most gatherings in her home, and then she has to deal [...]