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So I know I can’t dance

If reincarnation is true, I want more than anything the ability to dance when I come back as another being. I don’t care if I’m a frog or a piranha or a rock inside a cave. LET ME BE ABLE TO SAMBA! I could watch people dancing for hours. Forever, maybe. And when it’s done [...]

When there were three

Life was so much simpler then. Before Rambo came into our lives and drew first blood.

Won’t you be my neighbor?

Everyone I know has had The Summer Cold, and up until last week I had managed to avoid that plague. Jon had it all week last week, and then I woke up Friday with my throat closed so tightly I couldn’t even drink bourbon for breakfast. And I was all, what will my cousins in [...]


Except instead of Girl With a Pearl Earring it’s Dog With Old Maternity Underwear.


Someone did not get the Cheerios she had written into her contract for photo shoots, and here she is throwing a fit even though we did provide diapers made from the wool shaved from lambs blessed by the Pope.

Featured community question wherein Jon makes his mother proud

Today’s featured question comes from user dirtdiva321: I figured this was an appropriate question given that Jon and I eloped on a cliff at Yosemite eight years ago this week, and that Monday morning we were sitting together on a couch across from our therapist. I like to compare her to a chiropractor: we see [...]

The girls

This is another shot from our family photo shoot earlier this week. It was an accident, but I just realized we all matched our clothing to Marlo’s dress. And then she went and matched her pants to her eyes. Teach em early!


Everybody be quiet! Someone fell asleep while standing up. Also! Please ignore the fact that his collar is on upside down. Even though knowing this has already upset the equilibrium of my day.


My friend Cami came over on our anniversary and took some family portraits of us. This is the first time we’ve ever planned and carried out a photo shoot of all of us together, and the results are spectacular I think. Can’t wait to share the whole series with you.

A Jon Armstrong sized tangent

If you haven’t been following Tyrant’s Flickr stream, you really should be, especially the video of the evil squirrel in our apricot tree. If you have dogs be sure to have them sitting nearby when watching this video because the memory of their reaction should keep you entertained for months. Just make sure nothing breakable [...]