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He’d be friends with the sparrows…

… and the boy who shoots the arrows, if he only had a heart.

Three sets of ten

Jon and I have been members of a local gym since I was pregnant with Leta, and last week before I headed in to burn 40 minutes on the treadmill I asked one of the managers about personal training. Why? Because all I know how to do is cardio and a few biceps curls, and [...]

Exercise, discipline, affection

That’s right. I make Jon walk around the block before I spank him. And then we make out.

Cottage life

During the months of January and February we limit the amount of time we spend away from the house unless we’re snowboarding. Sometimes we’ll look up from our computers or the bright yellow mat where we’re playing with Marlo and realize that we’ve only left the house to drop off and pick up Leta from [...]

Featured community question with accompanying First World nonsense

Today’s featured question comes from user KA: Now, I realize that this is a bit awkward and tacky, writing about my hair just days after a tragedy that has crippled so many lives and puts such trivial nonsense into glaring perspective. It is just my hair. I have my hair. I have my life. The [...]

A little bit of joy in the world

Agent Charles

I’m not normally a hat-wearing type of person, but I found this one on clearance for four bucks! And when I saw that price I knew immediately that it needed a new home. This may explain why Chuck flees whenever I return home from shopping.

Common humanity

I’m quite certain that it would be inappropriate of me to post any of my usual drivel today given what happened in Haiti yesterday afternoon, and aside from keeping those who live there in my thoughts and donating what we can to the relief efforts, I thought I’d link to this post by Chris Sacca [...]

The Grandmommy

Not much different than The Godfather, except maybe a little less bloodshed and a ton more emotional manipulation.

A parent raised on MTV

Yesterday I got all fancied up to have lunch with my mother, and immediately upon returning home I took off all my jewelry and set it on the kitchen table next to my purse. Among that pile was a necklace I recently purchased, nothing fancy, just a bunch of silver circles dangling from a long [...]