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WINNER! The dooce® 2010 Camera Giveaway

So, it’s time to announce the winner of the dooce® 2010 Camera Giveaway, and before we begin, let me just say that while going through each and every book — and I mean that, I looked at every single one — I felt as though I had been invited to your weddings, your years in [...]

The foyer

Her Highness is pleased we matched this rug to her rug, if you know what I’m saying. What?

Game changer

All of our holiday decorations have to be out of reach of certain small children, a festive berry wreath seen here hanging five feet off of the ground. We discovered this when we set up the tree Saturday night, when Marlo grabbed every ornament we took out of the box and threw it against the [...]

All she wants for Christmas

Last night my oldest child lost her first tooth. I’m not sure Christmas is going to live up to the celebration that occurred when it happened, not unless we have Cinderella arrive on the back of a flying unicorn carrying a bag stuffed with four tons of chocolate ice cream. And even then that princess [...]

An unconventional hue

Chuck is trying to give Charlie Brown a run for his money in terms of Most Depressing Christmas Character.

The Unhappy Hogans

I accidentally caught my sister and her son Joshua looking rather displeased on Thanksgiving. Could it be that they were having premonitions about BYU losing to the University of Utah that weekend? I don’t know, and hell if I’m going to ask. That would be as insensitive as asking someone who has recently lost both [...]

WINNERS! The dooce® Xbox Live Second Chance Giveaway

It’s time to announce the winners in the xBox Live Second Chance Giveaway, but before I do I want to thank everyone who participated. I know I’ve been doing a whole lot more giveaways than I normally do, and there are few reasons for this: one, these prizes are particularly awesome. Two, it’s the holidays! [...]


Chuck is wishing you a happy holiday season from 1976. When he returned he said, “Hey Bieber, the Seventies called and they want their hair back.”


This is my cousin who helps us with Marlo during the week. You’d never be able to guess that she has sixteen toes on her right foot, would you?

A peek inside this part of the world

This is a beautiful short film shot in Telluride, Colorado in 2009, and it really captures the beauty of the weather that pounds this pocket of the country every winter. I’m always complaining about it, I know, but if you add a tiny bit more melancholy to this film it would be dead on. Instead, [...]