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Fifteen months

Yesterday Marlo turned fifteen months old. The cold that she had all last week is still lingering, and she’s taken to rubbing her nose with her palm like this. So now her nose and part of her cheek are totally chapped, and it makes her look like she’s got a terrible rash. I guess it [...]

The heavenly underwear of office decor

We are finally down to putting the finishing touches on the office remodel with a checklist that might rival a roll of toilet paper in length. Smack in the middle of that list is creating what I’m calling Modesty Panels, giant boards of wood covered in fabric to hide the clutter underneath our desks. Modesty, [...]

Do Fun Stuff

This has to be one of my most favorite things I’ve ever featured here, for so many reasons. First, if you haven’t heard of Pacing the Panic Room, you must drop everything and head over there STAT. I first fell in love with Ryan Marshall’s work when he chronicled his wife Cole’s pregnancy with their [...]

Southwestern flower

Our horseback riding tour guide said that once you boil off the thorns you can make some sort of delicacy out of this thing. Let’s just say that tasting whatever that would be is not on my life list.

Back to reality

Monday evening after driving back from Moab to pick up the kids, my mother who had watched both of them while we took our mini vacation pulled me aside, shook her head and said she had no idea how we did this. This day-to-day marathon with these kids. Not that they were bad, but she [...]

He’s so not kidding

I guess he’s been hoarding the treats I give him. Maybe under his pillow? In his jowls?

Along the Colorado

This was the view from our cabin in Moab. I imagine that someone who has lived in Europe or Japan their entire lives and sees this up close in person for the first time must think they’ve stumbled onto Mars. Even I who have visited Moab before still have to catch my breath when I [...]

Moab 2010

Jon and I left Friday afternoon for a three-day break from everything. From children, pets, broken boilers, squirrels with good aim, and even the Internet. Well, I stayed off the Internet, and Jon did the best he could. Meaning just enough that I didn’t have to nag, twist his nipple, or tell him to please [...]


“Too overt? Then how about torture? Or maybe treat with ill intent?”


Jon and I went to Moab for the holiday, rented some sort of four-wheeler thing, and stirred up some dust. He was like a kid in that thing, and I loved seeing him that way. But I’m going to have a hard time forgiving him for that one peel out that got red sand so [...]