Meeting area

I sat down to write the post about everything we bought and collected for the office and realized it was going to be about the length of the Nile, so I’ve decided to break it down into individual style posts. Note: we weren’t given anything for free or asked to mention any of this for promotional purposes. This is all my madness alone. And this is where we spent the bulk of our budget.

The sofa is the André two cushion sofa from Room and Board.

The Makoda coffee table, Big Dipper arc lamp and Pablo side tables are all from CB2.

The KAJSA pair of curtains are from Ikea. The curtain rod and sheers are from a local discount store.

The side chair is the Arlington from Pottery Barn. I also got the rug there, but I ordered it from an online newsletter about a sale and they no longer carry it.

The tall bamboo vases were in the far back sale shelves at ZGallerie, and the white flowers are Snow Lotus. The orange ones I can’t find online.

Pillows were found in a sale bin at Anthropologie.

Vases and orange ash tray are from a local antique store.

So far, this is my favorite place in the house. Followed closely by the tub.